Saturday, 28 December 2013

How a cinderella canvas became a mighty oak

Gosh it feels good to be able to craft in daylight. 

The dark evenings of winter really do really put a halt on my mixed media crafting, doesn't stop me knitting or crocheting though in front of the telly. the long Christmas break I've got means I can spend some time to relaxing in my craft room (well I can now it's tidy again and I can actually see the floor and the table).

I've had this canvas for a long time. It has some Grunge Paste stencilled on it and a lace panel and then it had numerous layers of different colour schemes on it as I tried to make it work. It got slung to one side on many an occasion, forgotten and forlorn just like old Cinders.

I found it again whilst tidying and decided I would give it one more go.  I've also decided that I want to use up my scraps and if I don't use then up THEY ARE GOING IN  THE BIN!  I know harsh words but too much clutter around me stops my creative flow so it's a case of use it or go.

I pulled out some thin patterned paper scraps and ripped them into strips then with watered down PVA I just started sticking them on over the centre of of the canvas building up layers and texture.  Once they were dry I ripped some patterned paper into squares and stuck these over the top of the strips - nothing neat or ordered about it, just keep adding layers.
Once this was dry I went over the top in Mushroom and they watered down Nougat, concentrating the Nougat in the centre.  Around the edges to catch he Grunge Paste I dry brushed Toffee and Cinnamon. If it was a bit too dark I added some Nougat.

Over the central panel I painted Caramel in three strips. I started painting at one end with a dry brush and then I wet my brush wiped the excess off on kitchen roll and then went back over the paint to move the paint around. to create pale strips of colour.  I didn't want it too opaque hence the water, but I did want to see it.  Once this was dry I dry brushed Toffee and Cinnamon to catch the edges of the ripped paper. I then added a tin wash of Nougat just to blend it all in and make if "soft".

I added some stencilling in Irish Cream and Mocha Mouse with a large fat stencil brush.

The Artemio tree was first painted in Caramel and then Nougat. A little bit of gentle sanding and then Tinned Peas gently added with the stencil rush.  the excess Tinned Peas was added to the corners of the canvas on the Grunge Paste areas.  Really lightly and softly so it just catches your eye and linked to the green on the tree.  Over the Tinned Peas I added Treasure Gold in Aquamarine and White Fire. then Nougat was dry brushed on the leaves and trunk.

I sewed some Hessian oblongs together and then created a strip of various ribbons. Sewed two buttons on.  The oak plague was made from an old piece of mocha metal that I sanded and then stamped the letters.  I folded the edges  over to give a neat edge. (Oak was the house I was in at school, it seemed appropriate).

I have to say I really love how this Cinderella canvas turned out. The colours tone so beautifully and subtlety and the various textures of paper, Grunge Paste, ribbon, Hessian and wood come together as one piece but equally are beautiful in their individual way.

Right having flexed the creative part of me this morning I'm now off to indulge in my other passion rugby this afternoon - at least its not raining!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Roman Fresco

So here is my second project this week over at the PaperArtsy blog.  

Similar themes of texture using Grunge Paste, paint and tissue paper.  This time the tissue paper is used in a different way to create even more texture.

Do go take a look if you haven't already.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Moths @ PaperArtsy


Well its that time of year again when my crafting activity gets shoved to one side a bit. 

I find it really difficult to get inspiration in the dark evenings which only leave the weekends for paper crafting and then all the weekend house stuff gets in the way!  

But we've turned the corner in terms of the shortest day and we can start to look forward to more light -hurrah!

Mind you I have been crafting in my role as guest designer over at PaperArtsy.  It's my final slot of the term this month so do please pop over to see what I've been making.