Monday, 25 October 2010

Heaven is a place called Newport Pagnell

So had an absolutly super dooper fab time at ArtsyCrafty weekend, got well inked up and one point my hands did a very passable impression of Shrek!

Highlights for me?
  • Making new friends and meeting old ones
  • Trying out new projects - big style!
  • Thinking up new ideas based on the projects we did
  • Might finally have found my Christmas mojo
  • Mistaking my skin for dried matte medium and "peeling" it off -ouch!
  • Having a huge bed to myself in the hotel
  • Playing with new glazes and perfect pearls misters - lush
  • Using moulds on the big shot
  • Not spending "too much" dosh (I needed it all really)

Obviously can't show anything we made yet as don't want to spoil for the Warrington peeps, but this is something I didn't use!

Have fun everyone!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Teenage kicks

So my niece hit the big 16 this week - I can just about remember that age, gearing up to O Levels, alcohol had only really been sniffed at not consumed, a lot of black was worn on the body and the eyes (not much changed there then) and none of us thought George Michael liked boys as he sung his way through Club Tropicana in tight white shorts .....

So what do you get the oh so trendy 16 year old then? Well money of course - duh! She got that but I also made her a banner for her bedroom in true black / purple goth colour scheme.

Each Stampotique lady is inked in archival and then various DI's were scrubbed, rubbed and sprinkled on - you'll have to guess what colours 'cos I used so many. . Glimmer mists in dark colours wer sprayed over the top, I think mostly black cherry and twilight - again sticking to that goth vibe.
The ladies were mounted on a black card tag that had been embossed with the Sixxix snake skin looking one (you know the one) and then mounted on a purple die cut shape (Paperartsy) which had been stamped with swirls in eggplant and clear embossed and then overstamped with the same swirl (Tim Holtz) in black ink. Various ribbons, buttons and paper flowers added as well.
Each corner had a black eyelet and they were knotted together with black and purple ribbon.

Response from oh so cool 16 year old? Oh you're getting better. Humph .......

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Well I know it's cutting it a bit fine but I've finally managed to get my entry done for the Sunday stamper challenge.

I've had to work late most of the week and yesterday a stinking cold came along and decided to takeover my body and make me feel "rubbish" (I'm being polite). And today has been busy what with an early start as somebody who'd gone out with the lads last night and stopped over with his bro in law forgot to turn of his radio alarm, and going out to buy a new telly as bro is taking his to his new flat, and going to watch the rugby this afternoon AND only just finding my sillicon glue has meant only just finished!!!!!!!!

I'm really pleased with the black metal flowers. The bottom layer was cut with a Paperartsy die and then stamped with one of the new Paperartsy grunge flower stamps and embossed with some arctic black thick embossing powder. They have a nice gleam as you waft them under the light going from purple to green. The top layer is the smaller Paperartsy die which has then been run through and embossing folder.

The stems are florist wire covered in green tape, then wound with strips of black ripped organza and finally some thin purple florist's wire wrapped around purple wired ribbon knotted to make leaves.

The background was painted in black paint, then purple paint with a hint of gleam in it (one of the new paints from crafty notions I got from NEC quilt show) lightly painted over and then sprayed with slate glimmer mist. Bottom right and top left are terra stamped into with Paperartsy text and tape measure stamps from one their hotpicks and then painted over in peacock crafty notions paint. More slate glimmer mist and some cosmic shimmer powder stuff to add a bit more gleam and shine. Corners stamped with a flourish in black archival.

So better late than never - let's just hope Mr Blogger plays nicely tonight.
Hope you like it

Friday, 1 October 2010

It's been a mad mad week ...

We always think we are ready for the start of term and yep usually we are and it all runs smoothly. This year has been to say the least a bit manic. we've had a major move around of stock and our Customer Service area is having a revamp slap bang at the beginning of term. If this week was bad I have a sneaky feeling next week and the next and the next could be worse.

Because of all this manicness (is that a word?) I've been starting work even earlier than normal and leaving later which means I don't have much time for crafting when I get home at night, all I'm usually fit for is a bath and a glass of wine.

So here's something I dabbled with last week, a manilla tag that I painted with gesso, added various blue DI's , rubbed back to reveal a bit of gesso. Sta
mped with one of the Stampotique grungy girls and painted her with DI's. I might add a bit more "stuff" to her yet, but she looks pretty good at the moment. Right more number crunching, furniture moving and smiles all round and roll on sometime tonight when I might be able to finish my entry for the Sunday Stamper - it's nearly there!

Pictures are a bit dark I grant you and the dimpled background is our new rubber floor at work - get us!

Hope you like.