Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shanghai Butterfly

So inspired by this piece by Suzanne Czosek on the PaperArtsy blog this week, I came up with this.

The canvas had a layer of Limelight as the base and then I mixed some Limelight and Mermaid to get a more minty bluey green and washed that over the top.  

Then I stencilled some large dots with the minty green with a touch of Tinned Peas mixed in (I love working in this tonal way just varying the shades and density of the paint). Finally I stencilled through a damask type mask with Tinned Peas.

I then started to give the canvas some washes in Limelight and Beach Hut just to flatten out and almost hide the stencilling.  The only oriental themed stamps I have are plate Vintage ID05EZ, so I stamped the long word and little receipt in Olive Archival over the canvas. Then I used Versamark through a small ditty mask and covered in Sticky Embossing Powder and stuck down some gold foil. 

The centre is a piece of mount board covered in thin layer of Grunge Paste in the centre.  I was working on this at the same time as the canvas so I just used the various washed I was using on the canvas on this, just made the final layers a bit darker to contrast against the canvas. Some Treasure Gold in Acquamarine, Green Amber and Spanish Topaz over this (gave it a good buff to make it shine). I stamped and embossed the text stamp in Olive Archival again and added smidges of jade embossing power plus some bits of foil. It was edged in Frantage black enamel embossing powder (as was the canvas, just to tie it all in together and frame it.

The butterfly was cut from a scrap piece of gold metal and run through an embossing folder.  Limelight added and then added some Frantage Aged Spice Embossing Enamel. Edged it with a little bit of Little Black Dress just to define the edges.

Phew, all this was done this morning in between painting my bathroom (I'm thinking of doing some Jocasta Innes inspired stamping to create a bit of fresco look in our roman inspired bathroom The great woman died this month and I was listening to her daughter talk about her on Radio 4 on Friday, her paint effects inspired a nation during the 80s and 90s with rag rolling and stencilling).

And I think I've just scraped in under the radar for the challenge!



Sunday, 14 April 2013

Madam Holbein

Well Spring might just be on it's way here in the blustery Shires, I've managed to get two lots of washing out on the line dried and I think we can finally turn the heating off!

Yesterday was Ally Pally in London or "any excuse to buy load of not needed but truly wanted stash"!  I knew I wanted the new PaperArtsy fresco colours (especially as some were "inspired" by my cat - Taupe will forever be Maise Moo colour in our house).  These were indeed purchased along with some stamps, gilding flakes and Frantage embossing enamels. 

You know me, I  just love my monochrome neutral palette so I was dying to start using all the greys (with a bit of pansy) for contrast. 

The canvas had a very dark grey (mixed Little Black Dress and Snowflake to get a charcoal) all over.  there are lots of bumps and textures as it was another re-used canvas!.  Then I just started adding thin layers of Elephant, Concrete and Snowflake in that order.

I added some grunge paste through a stencil at the edges.  One that was dry (shock horror I went and did some housework) I added some stencilling and stamping in a darker mixed shade using Little Black Dress and Snowflake.  It doesn't matter if it isn't a clean image I just wanted that "shabby distressed rubbed off look". In some places I rubbed back quite hard with a baby wipe to reveal a hint of the charcoal.  The dried grunge had Pansy over the top and then some Treasure Gold in Classic, White Fire, Renaissance and Onyxite.   

In the middle. I randomly used my Versamark pad over and added sticky embossing powder, heated and one it was tacky put loads of gilding flakes over.  Patted them down and then rubbed off the excess. Over the top of his I added some Frantage embossing enamel in Aged Scarlet and Aged Taupe. It's a chunkier embossing powder that melts into blobs as well as a flat enamelled look. I just sort of sprinkle it on, hold the heat gun at quite a distance to start melting it.   Over the top of this I added some more grunge paste through a stencil.  One this had dried I pit the stencil back over the top and went over with some Treasure Gold, a bit like bumping it doesn't quite cover all the paste but I think it looks good.

Finally Madam Holbein (I think she looks a bit Tudory with that hat and ruff, hence Madam Holbein, Holbein the Younger not the older - look it up!).  I painted a piece of mountboard in Elephant and Stone to give a neutral base.  Stamped the lovely Lin Perrella in black ink and then started to paint her.  Once I was happy with the colour I went over the top with a watered down wash of metallic glaze to give a subtle sheen. Around the edge I put some more Frantage embossing enamel and edged in black ink. 

I'm really enjoying working with metallic textures at the moment, I know it's not everyones cup of tea and some of you might find it a bit too bright and blingy, but I have to admit - I'm lovin' it!


Saturday, 6 April 2013


Well I know it's been a little while since I blogged, but I have been making stuff just haven't been able to take any decent pictures because of lack of light seeing as we still appear to be in the grip of winter (I wonder if we'll look back at this time and go ah yes, now I can see that was the start of the ice age that sunk East Anglia, at the time we just grumbled about it being a bit cold and snowing for a long time).

I digress.

Anyway I made this recently using Lin's lovely flower from the Lin Eclectica No. 1 plate. I love the shape of the flowers and thought they would be great as 3D flowers.  

I used Eggplant and Pearl Glaze to stamp the flowers on black card and then sprinkled clear matt embossing powder on them as well. Cut them out, curled the petals and added some buttons (from the old lady knitting shop - you know the type) which I dabbed with Indigo Treasure Gold.   the leaves were painted in Tinned Peas and the Pearl Glaze.

The canvas is an old one that had something else on and I just RIPPED IT APART!  I know how radical of me, but you know I didn't like it anymore so why keep it! I added a layer of texture paste in the middle of the canvas to cover up some of the old art work. It's so long ago since I actually made this that I can't remember what coloured paints I used but I suspect looking at it Inky Pool and Baltic Blue and possibly South Pacific. the centre panel had Indigo and Onyx Treasure Gold added through a stencil.

Various bits of stamping and some more foil (love using this) to add texture to the canvas and finally some fabric embellishment to add contrasting texture.

So, a short and hopefully sweet post today as a) I have to tidy up after our bathroom refit this week (very pleased with how it's turned out, just need to wait for the plaster to dry out before I paint) and b) I can't actually remember everything about how I made this!