Monday, 25 October 2010

Heaven is a place called Newport Pagnell

So had an absolutly super dooper fab time at ArtsyCrafty weekend, got well inked up and one point my hands did a very passable impression of Shrek!

Highlights for me?
  • Making new friends and meeting old ones
  • Trying out new projects - big style!
  • Thinking up new ideas based on the projects we did
  • Might finally have found my Christmas mojo
  • Mistaking my skin for dried matte medium and "peeling" it off -ouch!
  • Having a huge bed to myself in the hotel
  • Playing with new glazes and perfect pearls misters - lush
  • Using moulds on the big shot
  • Not spending "too much" dosh (I needed it all really)

Obviously can't show anything we made yet as don't want to spoil for the Warrington peeps, but this is something I didn't use!

Have fun everyone!

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  1. oooh now you are really teasing us....sounds like you had an amazing time, cannot wait to see what you have created



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