Saturday, 17 September 2011


Well it took me soo long to do the steampunk challenge I really didn't think I was going to make it for the Sunday Stamper Challenge this week - nick of time just scraped through.

I'm quite glad I only checked the theme this morning as it really struck a cord - memories, a time to remember.  Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, it's his first birthday since he died in February this year, so as you can imagine memories and remembering have been high on my agenda this week and will be tomorrow.

When I think of memories I often think of time, happy times, sad times, do you remember when times; and the fact that time is a great healer for helping us come to terms with sadness that happens in our lives.

If we don't take time to remember, if we don't talk and share then we can loose those memories and they float away on the wind like the seed heads of the dandelion. 

So, this tag, it was really easy. The dandelion photo was coloured on the PC with a blue filter and a film grain texture added.  I sanded it really heavily to remove some of the ink to get those white spots. The brown luggage tag it is attached to had a like covering of white gesso and then a PaperArtsy ledger stamp in brushed corduroy distress ink on top.  The ever faithful walnut stain around the edge.

The larger tag was again brushed with gesso and then blue acyclic paint on top of that.  Using brown corduroy distress ink I stamped a large PaperArtsy numbers background all over the tag.  A strip of text paper was rubbed with antique linen distress ink and then lots of sewing on the machine using a green, brown and gold variegated thread, I left some of the ends on to give a messy look. 

Finally on a spare piece of text paper I stamped the word memories and added a string bow.

Simple but nice - Happy Birthday Dad.




  1. Absolutely STUNNING... your words have touched me and made me shed a tear... sending you a big hug... tis going to be a tough day but it is so good to know you have those memories to hold onto... thanks for joining in hun XX

  2. Treasured memories within this artwork Jo,sending you lots of hugs for tomorrow. x

  3. You are so right in knowing that time is a healer and time also helps to smooth the edges of your memories.
    Your tag is fabulous, love the moody blue and brown combination.

    I hope on your Dad's birthday wonderful, joyous memories bubble into your consciousness.

  4. Beautiful tag, and best wishes to you and your family - hope you have lots of happy memories,
    Helen xx

  5. this piece contains so much love that i can feel it all the way thru my screen. i'm used to you making awesome pieces, but making a piece with our hart isn't obvious as we easily get lost in our emotions.
    i'm ligthing a little candle for you in my heart today. hugs

  6. Oh my. Not sure I can articulate how this has made me feel. Not only is it a stunning tag but the thoughts you have included are shown to great effect. Simply beautiful

  7. This is so lovely. I hope your memories provide comfort. So glad to find you through Hels' blog. Your work is beautiful. Off to become a follower...


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