Sunday, 30 October 2011

Feelin pinky?

I have to say I haven't been crafting as much as I'd like over the past couple of weeks, the onslaught of dark nights and dark mornings is beginning to make me lethargic and sofa bound.  

Plus I've had a lingering cold / cough that won't go away (I have threatened it with cough syrup, Vick's, the Mitchell boys - but it just laughs and makes me cough more), leaves me so tired I am in bed at 8.30pm most evenings. 

AND I really can't muster up any enthusiasm or ideas to make me get up of the sofa or stay up til say (let's be daring here) 9.00pm to craft!

Yep fair to say I'm feeling sorry for myself and to be honest avoiding the inevitable trip to the docs for stronger drugs (every year is the same).  Having an underlying chronic condition (don't panic it's only diabetes) is shall we say "annoying" sometimes.

Whinge over - are you still with me? 

Yesterday I was determined to make something. A crafty challenge works especially well if you've got no real ideas or want to think about ideas as you sort of just "follow the instructions".  Grungy Monday 24 fitted the bill, I just watched the Tim Perfect Distress video and got the necessary bits out to play with.

Started with a tag and coloured with Worn Lipstick and Dried Marigold Distress Inks. Added the swirls  from the Urban Chic plate in Barn Door Red Distress Ink and used Perfect Pearl over the top.

Then took an ATC and coloured that with Dried Marigold and Barn Door Red Distress Inks. Stamped the tattoo heart from the Urban Chic plate in the new Dried Preserves Distress Stain and used Perfect Bronze over that.

The numbers were inked in Dried Preserve and Perfect Pearls gold used on those. But then I over stamped them again in Dried Preserve as they faded / disappeared on the strip of card and I needed some contrast!

Edged everything with Barn Door Red and Vintage Photo Distress Inks and added some pink (yes pink) ribbon. 

Trying to actually show some "shine" which frankly was the aim of the game is quite hard work in daylight so this last photo goes against all my "you must use natural light" principles for taking photos - but look at the shine on that stamping!

So another day is looming, it's still pitch black outside, I was awake at silly o'clock as I couldn't sleep and of course the clocks have gone back so it's even more silly o'clock, but I love the silence only broken by the birds starting to sing - let's see what happens today.




  1. oh dear, poor you! sending some healing comforting hugs to begin with ;) and your tag is a perfect example of beautiful simplicity! love the colors (that's something new there isn't it!)and the stamps you combined. and what a great way to create layers! yummi :))) have a happy day!

  2. oooh lovley at Jo.... sorry you got a bug, keep warm and tell it that if it doesn't "bug"-er off (ahem) ~I will come round and stick it with my pokey tool lol... I LOVE the dark nights... think I must have been a vampire in a previous life - or a coal miner rofl... take careXX

  3. Jo, I hope you're feeling better! It's already a rough cold season, it seems, and I'm sorry you've had such a miserable time with this!

    In spite of being under the weather, you certainly made a gorgeous work of art! I love the clever design and pretty colors, and the Perfect Distress looks fabulous!

    Get lots of rest and take it easy on yourself!

  4. Lovely tag, beautiful colours! I'm impressed you got a photo that shows the shimmer so well - I can never get it to work . Hope you're feeling better xx


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