Monday, 7 May 2012


I have many crafting items including wool. It's fair to say I have a lot of wool, boxes and bags of it and all I can knit is scarves, oh and crochet granny squares. I have so much wool that at Easter I sorted through it and decided to donate some of the more lurid acrylic I'd purchased honks ago.

So why dear blogger friends did I purchase this a couple of days ago? I have wool in this colour range in the stash, I have knitted scarves in this colour way already, so why?

Project in mind? Yes to make a wrap for a fawn strapless dress I'm wearing to a function at the end of the month. So why did I buy this colour way rather than a nice soft neutral cream?

Impulse buy, obviously.

I sense another scarf, or possible I'll be daring and knit a snood!





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  1. Ha ha ha!!! You're just like the rest of us - see something, want it, then question it when we get back home! Looks lovely wool though...!


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