Saturday, 6 April 2013


Well I know it's been a little while since I blogged, but I have been making stuff just haven't been able to take any decent pictures because of lack of light seeing as we still appear to be in the grip of winter (I wonder if we'll look back at this time and go ah yes, now I can see that was the start of the ice age that sunk East Anglia, at the time we just grumbled about it being a bit cold and snowing for a long time).

I digress.

Anyway I made this recently using Lin's lovely flower from the Lin Eclectica No. 1 plate. I love the shape of the flowers and thought they would be great as 3D flowers.  

I used Eggplant and Pearl Glaze to stamp the flowers on black card and then sprinkled clear matt embossing powder on them as well. Cut them out, curled the petals and added some buttons (from the old lady knitting shop - you know the type) which I dabbed with Indigo Treasure Gold.   the leaves were painted in Tinned Peas and the Pearl Glaze.

The canvas is an old one that had something else on and I just RIPPED IT APART!  I know how radical of me, but you know I didn't like it anymore so why keep it! I added a layer of texture paste in the middle of the canvas to cover up some of the old art work. It's so long ago since I actually made this that I can't remember what coloured paints I used but I suspect looking at it Inky Pool and Baltic Blue and possibly South Pacific. the centre panel had Indigo and Onyx Treasure Gold added through a stencil.

Various bits of stamping and some more foil (love using this) to add texture to the canvas and finally some fabric embellishment to add contrasting texture.

So, a short and hopefully sweet post today as a) I have to tidy up after our bathroom refit this week (very pleased with how it's turned out, just need to wait for the plaster to dry out before I paint) and b) I can't actually remember everything about how I made this!



  1. You are right, Jo the flowers look great! How lovely to have a nice new bathroom - hope you get it painted soon.
    Hope you'll be at Ally Pally next week - may see you there??

  2. This is stunning Jo..I love this set of Lin's too, the flowers are such a lovely shape!! Colours you've used are beautiful too..

  3. Gorgeous, Jo. Saw this on your intro page on Paper Artsy and trawled back to find out more. Love the colours and texture,

    Lucy x


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