Sunday, 2 June 2013

Where a pale lady peeks through

It's been a while I know.

I made this "recently" some time in May (see I can't actually be sure when I did make start it or indeed finish it) and I've been meaning to show it all week, but ...

Anyhow, what did I do?

Well the base is mount board that has loads of layers of Paper Artsy Fresco paints in Butternut, Pumpkin Soup, Haystack and Old Gold. You know the drill, add paint, wipe off, dry, add paint, wipe off, dry and repeat.

I then added some text stamping using Monarch Orange Archival.   The lovely medallion from Lynne Perrella 004 was stamped in Archival Blue Violet.  I love this colour for background stamping, it's dark but not too dark. 

Over this were layers of Smoked Paprika and Autumn Fire. these make the background stamping fade nicely so sometimes there is just a hint, just a shadow of an image. and then on top of this layer I stamped the postage stamp from Lynne Perrella 009 in Blue Violet in a grid pattern, some of the images are the second and third stamp to continue the faded look.

For the pale lady I carefully painted a page torn from an old Brewers Phrase and Fable* bought from a junk shop with Smoked Paprika. I then painted just the face from the beautiful large collage stamp from the Lynne Perrella 009 plate with Snowflake stamped this on the page, quickly cleaned the stamp and then added more layers of snowflake on the page to create a pale background for when I stamped the image again in Black Versamark. The edges of the page were torn and she was glued on using PaperArtsy Satin Gloss.

When it was dry I added some Treasure Gold in Renaissance, Ruby and Florentine around the edge of the stamped image. I also flicked some watered down Old Gold to give some splats.

In the corners of the mount board I sprinkled on some Fran-tage Aged Spice Embossing Enamel and melted it to give more texture. The edges then had more Treasure Gold on them to frame it.

This took me quite a while and there were a few mishaps and versions on the way with the pale lady but I got where I wanted to be and the journey was good!


*Brewers (as it's know in the trade) if you haven't heard of it is a reference work that is packed with definitions and explanations of many famous phrases, allusions and figures - pick a page at random and learn loads of stuff both useful and useless.



  1. That is beautiful!!

  2. ooh, I absolutely love this. I'm slightly obsessed with this stamp myself. The faded background works so well as do the rich colours.

  3. Jo this is gorgeous!! absolutely all the layers and the colours you have used..

  4. Fabulous art, Jo - love the colours (not come across the shade of archival you mention but it sounds fun and a must have...The stamping looks gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful, love those warm smokey colours contrasting with the fine detail of the stamp xx


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