Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Shabby bunnies

Some things just make you really happy don't they?  Well this does for me.  

I've loved this stamp Crafty Individuals Alice Palace Crowned Bunnies stamp ever since it came out and it took me ages to find it (very popular it must have been) and for a couple of days once I'd parted with hard cash for them I just looked at them and sighed (and occasionally stroked it has to be said) .

But then I plucked up the courage to use it. 

I took some fabric and scraped some Grunge Paste over it and let it dry.  On the reverse I added a thick layer of PVA to strengthen the fabric.  When that was dry I turned it back over and stamped those lovely bunnies with WOW Pepper embossing powder. Added some text stamping using the lovely Mini 26 with Cinnamon fresco paint.

This was stitched onto some crunched up PaperArtsy crunchy waxed craft paper that had some Snowflake added over the creases and I also added some grungy staples. This layer was then stuck onto some distressed Kraft card that was edged with Walnut Stain Distressing Ink.

The frame was an old one I had knocking around.  It had already got some sort of texture paste (Grunge Paste would do it) on it that I'd stamped into.  Originally it had some green Inka Gold on it so I added a couple of layers of Concrete to cover that up.  Then I added some thin layers of Mocha Mousse and lots of sanding to distress even further.  It looks sort of blue because I think the original Inka layer is showing through but it looks fantastically distressed I have to say.  Finally some more stamping with the same Mini 26 around the frame.

I think these gorgeous bundles of loveliness may have to come to work and sit on my desk so I can gaze at them in times of stress (that's most of the time then).



  1. I can see why you love those bunnies!! the frame looks fabulous, Jo.Hope they work in calming your work environment.

  2. this is simple and lovely , bunnies do love to be stroked though.EE

  3. I am sure this beautiful piece will be good company at work it's fab!!!

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