Thursday, 19 September 2013

ssssh, it's been a bit quiet round here lately

Yes I know I haven't posted in ages but I've been rather caught up in changing habits of a lifetime and creating a new lifestyle.  Both husband and I have decided that enough is enough and we need to eat smaller portions and move a lot more.  So that's what we've been doing, between us we have lost over 30lbs in 7 weeks and visiting the gym on a much more regular basis (they don't laugh now when we get our cards out as there is no dust flying out as well through lack of use).  This week I have started the excellent NHS couch to 5k running programme (aren't pod casts great) and a new weights regime.  I can't quite look at myself in the mirror when I'm lifting the weights as a) I'm trying to concentrate on breathing right b) I forget to breathe and go red and c) I'm sure I'm pulling right gurning faces as I lift the weights above my head and that will make me laugh and possibly drop the weights.

But last weekend I did manage to do some art and here it is using the fabulous JOFY stamps from PaperArtsy.


Rather than a beach scene I ended up making it look like a garden shed, but that's the versatility of the stamps.  

This one is JOFY Mini 23 which I stamped on a ripped out book page lightly painted on Concrete, stamped in black and then painted in Sage and Tinned Peas (sometimes neat sometimes mixed) . 

The really deep mini canvas was painted first in Tinned Peas, Crackle Glaze layer and then in Concrete and Sage mixed.  

Sanded on the edges and then stamped using the large clocks stamp from Clock Plate 2 and embossed with green  embossing powder. Some beautiful lace on the edge, ripped crunchy waxed craft paper and string and finally some buttons and some driftwood.

Well here's hoping I can manage to find a balance between eating less, moving more and crating as well!



  1. Like the versatility of Jo's mini stamp, gorgeous colours and fab textures with all the buttons and twine. Great project!

    Good luck with your regime, i'm going back on the 5:2 diet soon, found that worked for me:-)

  2. Beautiful use of Jo's stamps, they look amazing here - love them! Well done with your new regime - I bet it helps doing it together so you can cheer each other on... keep it up! Hope to see you soon - tomorrow maybe? Are you hitting Ally Pally?

  3. This is very very nice Jo!! Beautiful colours and you have made Jo's stamp look completely different. I really like the way you have mixed the colours up as well the different greens and the concrete look great together with a bit of crackle thrown in....Well done you on the weight loss you'll have to give me a few lessons!! Maybe see you tomorrow :D

  4. LOVE this - it's beautiful! Congrats on your weight loss - it's wonderful and terribly admirable!

  5. Lovely art and congrats on weight loss - I like the sound of the running program

  6. Wow this really changes the stamp and I love the colours you have used x

  7. That is SO gorgeous!!! Well done on the fitness regime, sounds like you're doing great.

  8. Great piece. & well done you on the hard work.

  9. wonderfully grungy look. you've made the stamp look completely different.


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