Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Linen and Tweed

This has been on my "to do " list for some time.  I love making these fabric wreaths from old wire coat hangers and ripped strips of cloth. It's a bit time consuming but really simple.

I cut the hook of the coat hanger (well John did if I'm honest) formed it into a circle and joined the ends with sellotape.  I then wound tissue tape all over the circle. 

 I cut a load of 5 inches by half an inch strips and just started knotting them on the coat hanger.  This was an old piece of course linen I had,  but I often use old duvet or table cloths from the charity shop. Its usually faded, soft and cheap!

The heart was made from some of the most gorgeous Donegal Tweed fabric from Fabric Affair that I got from the Festival of Quilts. The company is run by a lovely mother and daughter.  I spied then very early on when I arrived at the show but was determined not to spend any money (that didn't last long I can tell you).  I was admiring the gorgeous colours and the texture of the tweed (and linen) and I joked about what a good daughter I was taking my mother out for the day!  Anyway at the end of the day I'd still got some pennies left so I thought blow it and went back minus my mother who was having a sit down.  The lovely owner remembered me and asked what I'd done with my mother. she laughed when I said she gone to have a sit down as I'd exhausted her!

So I bought a bundle of lovely earthy toned tweeds. They are so thick and soft and absolutely gorgeous. They are going to be at the Ally Pally Knitting and Stitching Show and I might have to save my pennies again. 

I stitched the heart with embroidery thread, not too neatly (it's ages since I've done embroidery, I need to practise).  Added a bow of some fine threads of hessian and a button.  The heart is attached with a length of suede ribbon.

All in all a complete texture overload, all in my favourite earthy neutrals!




  1. Texture overload...never. Earthy tones...forever. Just love it Jo! Xx

  2. It's wonderful, Jo!! love the neutral tones - been using them myself, tonight, lol!! the linen ties are great, but that tweed is just gorgeous! Lin and I were thinking of going to the Knitting and Stitching show too, but not sure my wallet can take it!

  3. My local sewing shop has a Lintons Tweed Day coming up very soon, might wander on over...

    A beautiful wreath with great colours that will go anywhere. So glad you shared:-) xxx

  4. Need touch-vision! Beautiful wreath, love the tweed heart and just visited the links, lovely fabrics.... Fabulous Jo! Ruth x

  5. Oh wow, this is gorgeous Jo and what a fab idea! Actually, you have given me inspiration on what to do with a pair of linen trousers I cut the legs off yesterday........no, I don't do shorts these days, lol, but the trousers had worn into a hole and I just couldn't bear to put that lovely natural coloured linen in the bin so I saved the legs ;D.......now I know what for!

    Lesley Xx


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