Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Do you remember ... (Emma Godfrey PaperArtsy stamps and JOFY paints)

I take a lot of photos on my phone which I share on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I've realised for quite a while that these Social Media sites are my scrapbook, documenting my life, the things I'm doing, the experiences I've had, the memories I want to remember.  But they often stay on my Phone or on social media and sometimes I want to actually see the photos printed and perhaps write a few notes about what the picture means to me.

So I decorated this clipboard to add mini journalling pages to and see and then collate into a scrapbook. The clipboard is approximately 6" wide and 9" in height. 

I've used one of the new Emma Godfrey stamps sets and the new JOFY paints.

I started off by painting the clip in Brown Shed and then dabbed Cinnamon.  Before it dried I sprinkled some Vintage Photo Distress embossing powder and gently heated to melt.  Remember its on metal and it will get hot! Once cooled I gently sanded to reveal the metal in places.
Then it was onto the front.  Painted a couple of layers of Mud Splat as a base coat and then scraped Crackle Glaze over this.  For the top layer I used Buff from the new JOFY range to get my crackles. I also sanded in places to reveal more of the Mud Splat base layer.

The first layer of stamping was the alphabet from EEG02 in Archival Tree Branch. I offset the lines of stamps so that it wasn't too regular and did repeat stamping to get the stronger (first stamping) and lighter (second and third stamping).  I then added a Chalk wash over the top to tone down the stamping.

To get some contrast and develop the used shabby look I dripped Southern Skies from the new JOFY range in the top corners.  To get those drips, dab some paint where you want the drips to start, hold the item upright and spray with water to allow the paint to run.  The more water you add, the more it will dilute the paint and the more it will run.  Alter the angle of the item to slow or fasten the paint running and have a cloth ready to mop up what you don't want.

I wanted more colour contrast, so in places I added the spot stamps from EEG02 in Prawn and the circles in Tree Branch.

I sealed the top with Matt Glaze and painted the back in Cinnamon and drips of Blood Orange.  Gave it a good sand to add scuff marks and edged the clipboard had Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

So the clipboard is done, next time I'll show you how I've been creating scrapbook pages.


P.S. my Instagram name is jomyhill and my Twitter name is jomyhill, I'm so original!



  1. I always love seeing what you do. The clipboard is great, Jo.

  2. Love your clipboard Jo they are loads of fun to paint aren't they! A fantastic use of Emma's stamps and the new paints :-) xxx

  3. That looks wonderful Jo, the layers on the front are fab & I love the paint drips.

  4. Love seeing how you build up all the layers in your projects Jo so that the stamping doesn't smack you in the face but becomes an unobtrusive part of the whole piece.......gorgeous!

    Lesley Xx


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