Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What kind of an artist are you?

I'm not a neat artist, (yes I'm calling myself an artist, trying to get used to using that description of me), I like to splodge paint around, make marks, make and use texture in an abstract way (yes another label) 

And i like imagery especially in photographs, not broad landscapes and not people very often, but objects and close up objects at that, flowers, ironwork, decayed wood, decayed animals.  as a colleague said to me the other week, detail, that's your thing.  He was saying it bout work but I reckon it could apply to my art.  

So I'm a detailed abstract splodge kind of artist.and here is an example of my detailed abstract splodging.

I started with the central panel with my favourite neutral colour palette using PaperArtsy paints, lots of washes, candle resit etc. Added a sheet of text paper that I ripped and sanded to get a shabby look and added Walnut Stain Distress Ink to get the base I wanted. Added some scrunched and inked brown paper again sanded and ripped. 

I didn't want to use stamps for this layer so I got the pencils and watercolour pencils out and drew some lines and shapes to look like naive art flowers (they are naive I can't draw figuratively at all)

The rose photograph which had digital layers on it was stuck down, sanded in places and some washes of chalk paint added over the top to allow it to fade into the background.  I added white pencil marks around it to act as a frame.

I'd left it at this for a while put felt it needed another layer behind it especially if I was going to frame it in one of my A3 frames.  So an A3 piece of white card had some Distress Ink and paint added to it a small amount of stamping. The A5 art was stuck to this base and some more pencil lines.

I'm glad i was brave enough to add my own marks and its something I'd like to continue doing, they may not be expertly  and neatly drawn but the perfectionist in me can just about live with it if I remember its naive folk art not botanical drawings!



  1. I love this, the marks remind me of an old dilapidated shuttered window in an old stone building... just gorgeous. Keep it up, it looks fabulous!

  2. Love this Jo, really beauriful. X

  3. Detailed abstract splodging seems to work for me too! Love the way that you join up all the dots of your splodges to produce something abstractly amazing!

  4. Love the colours you've used, they complement the photo perfectly x


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