Wednesday, 2 September 2015

By gosh the roads are narrow!

So, we are in Cornwall and for us town dwellers gosh these country lanes are narrow, very narrow, twisty and surrounded by high Cornish hedges.  Who needs roller coasters for a adrenalin rush of the unknown.  Mind you if we do come face to face with a tractor on the lane to our barn, the tractor wins, thank goodness for parking sensors!

We've been coming to Cornwall for most of married life (20 plus years) so we've done all the National Trusts, Heligan, Eden etc, so we don't feel the need to whizz around this time, we'll just do our favourite things: walking on the Lizard, eating Roskillys ice cream, St Ives, the Tate and Barbara Hepworth and just chilin'.

I decided not to bring any art supplies with me as I'd got my crochet and some magazines to catch up on, but you visit the Tate and you just have to put something to paper! So as per normal I had to buy emergency supplies. 

As the theme is circles over at PaperArtsy, I'd had an idea to draw lots of circles joined together, so gave it a go this morning.  I had intended it to be the beach as we'd sat on Porthmeor beach yesterday and it was quite pleasant with some sun ( seems we were the only ones in the UK going by the grumbles on social media) But then it sort of morphed into becoming one of those high Cornish hedges covered in vegetation.

I am no figurative drawer, my faces just look odd, perspective is frankly Daliesque, just give me a camera for that kind of stuff, but abstract representation I can do.


  1. excellent Jo..wish I was sitting on the beaxh in cornwall lol xx

  2. Love your tactics of how to buy new stuff, don't take anything with you in the first place - hehehe!

  3. You're making me feel nostalgic for that part of the world. My late FIL hailed from Somerset so we spent many of our first holidays together in that part of the UK and into Cornwall. Those lanes are quite an experience I remember, lol, and I can relate to the hedges throuh your little piece of abstract art! Love it!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Love your circles Jo, I love Cornwall too and remember the narrow lanes and having to reverse back to find a passing spot (luckily I never drove while we were there!)


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