Sunday, 19 September 2010

It's not an addiction ....

Well yesterday I ventured out to Wantage to go to Stamp Attic. I really WANTED / NEEDED to get some new artful blogging and cloth paper scissor mags and some stampotique grunge girl stamps (you know the ones). I sort of tentatively asked John on Friday if he would drive and he grudgingly said yes but it will have to be after lunch.

Saturday dawned and it was bright and I'd had a good nights sleep and I thought I want to go early then I can get home and play so decided I'd drive. I mean I'm a big girl, I can do this, stop being lazy and have an adventure.

So I did.

Apart from queuing to get past Silverstone who'd got a big car event on, it was a great drive through lovely countryside with open windy roads which my Italian stud (the car) loved. Coped with the closed road and parked in the Civic Centre and there was the Stamp Attic over the road - a tingle of excitement as I crossed the threshold.

Ah, what delights, what marvels, what temptations teased me at every corner and nook. I breathed deeply and picked up a basket.

On hindsight it was a good thing John didn't come.

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