Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Red blue, but mostly blue

So I've been off sick today. Got up at my normal 5.30am and my whole body just felt HEAVY, an effort to go downstairs (after "dealing" with a spider in the bath), effort to feed the cats, effort to make coffee and toast. had a shower and then promptly went back to bed still with wet hair wrapped in a towel. Woke up at 8.00am and thought - nope can't do this, don't feel quite able to drive down the M1 to Luton. So checked email, phone boss, phone team, set out of office on email and go back to bed with cup of tea and a cat.

And frankly that's where I've spent most of the day - sleeping.

But I have managed to finish my entry for the Sunday Stampers Challenge - my first! The theme was Red/Blue or Red&Blue. I fancied doing a bit of a Rothko in terms of blocks of tonal colour, so dark blue background with a midnight blue paint and sprayed with slate glimmer, over stamped with a Tim text stamp and them stamped a Paperartsy cow parsley with sapphire chip DT and clear embossing powder. The red bit was inked with worn lipstick and barn door, over stamped in brick red with the Paperartsy birds and stalks and then again stamped with the cow parsley brick red and clear embossed. Cut into strips and edged with stormy sky. difficult to see all that in the photo as the light in the conservatory (my temporary craft space) is murky to say the least.

My husband has just walked in and remarked that's very Rothko - so success!

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  1. I was just thinking ...that is very Rothco! LOVE this piece... thanks for joinin in with the Sunday Stamper and hoping you feeling heaps better... I used to live in Luton (I know, someone has to ROFL) but now live near Northampton!! Small world!


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