Saturday, 13 November 2010

Guilty as charged

I admit it, I have been up before the beak at blogger court and I have been charged with neglect, neglect of my blog. I was reminded that a blog is for life not just when I can be bothered and that procrastination is not be listened to. So in order to carry out my community service here is a quick entry.
I was asked to make a leaving card for a colleague so up for the challenge and inspired by my recent Artsy Crafty weekend I decided to make a tag book.
I cut and decorated (distress inks and Paper Artsy swirl) a tag for each member of staff that they could write what they wanted on to say to the colleague leaving.
Each tag was backed with paper and ribbon added - there were a lot of tags!
I then made the insides where the tags would sit. Folded paper inked and covered with anther piece of paper cut with a Tim edge die. they were then sewn around just to give a bit more stability.
I sandwiched mountboard between two pieces of paper to make the cover. This was gessoed and painted and stamped and edged with gold Inka gloop. Tim distressed flower die flowers were added (I was running out of time I admit) sprayed a bit with glimmer mist.
To attach the tag holders to the cover I carefully sewed the two together (hoping the cover wouldn't split) down the spin and to add a bit of strength glued some ribbon down the spin and tied into a bow.
I have to sat the recipient I think loved it and spent ages reading through the tags which to be honest was the intention, to give her friends and colleagues more space
to say how much they had enjoyed working with her and would miss her.
Have a good week and I "promise" to try and be a bettter blogger.

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  1. I love these tags; so beautiful & a great idea for a leaving card. I'm guilty of blog neglect too, but in my case I haven't posted anything since MARCH!!! It's terrible & I really have to sort myself out - whether or not that happens before Christmas is the big question!


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