Friday, 14 January 2011


I've got bronchitis.

I've probably had it for weeks if truth be known but I hate giving in and accepting I'm ill. Protestant work ethic, guilt, stubbornness or just plain stupid - who knows. 

I dragged myself through the last weeks of December knowing that but I had a long break over Christmas in order to rest and get some energy back.  Rest I did but the energy didn't really return and one trip to the docs gives me a diagnosis and more drugs to take.

The problem is because I hate being ill (see the above possible rationale), I find it difficult to rest and thanks to technology I can check my work email way too easily on any number of portable devices.

But I have tried to rest - honest.  I've watched the first series of Lewis, series 1 and 2 of Jam and Jerusalem and today I started Charles II.  The crochet blanket is growing and the wool stash is depleting.  Oh and I made this.

The theme for the Sunday Stampers challenge this week was Diamonds.  Diamonds I thought, um: a girls best friend, jewels, dogs, bling ... and then it came to me - Lucy!  Lucy in the sky with diamonds to be exact.

So here she is not in a Beatles drug induced psychedelic way,  but in a muted shabby blue,cream and brown way.

Yet again an IKEA frame (I buy them in bulk) covered with ripped up tissue tape randomly stuck on. Painted over with a soft tapioca acrylic and them some Tumbled Glass and Broken China DI's. then it was misted over with Tattered Angels Diamond glimmer mist to give a pearl effect and then a diamond patterned stamp (one of my very first stamps purchased online from America) added in strategic places using hazelnut ink.  The edges were sanded rather roughly to give that ripped distressed look we all so love.

A couple of Wendy Vecchi flowers were added for  bit of extra texture, design, delight! I painted some grungepaper with the tapioca and them stamped in coffee archival. Carefully cut out, glued and rolled a bit to give some dimension.  A couple of buttons from my stash and some gold glimmer mist spritzed on

Inside the frame I embossed some white card with a Tim Holtz folder and used Tumbled Glass, Broken China and Pumice DI's to colour.  The metal diamonds ( antique gold I think) were embossed with another Tim folder and then sanded with a block to distress a bit.

Lucy is in fact a Christmas angel (ssh don't tell her she thinks she was "created" by Paul after a conversation with Julian). She's stamped in hazelnut and clear embossed on water colour paper and coloured in with some Pumice and Burlap DI's.  Herr wings (how else does she fly?) have some rock candy stickles to allow her to shine.

Finally a little label 'cos she is a bit abstract and voila - completed!

Hope you enjoy reading and looking and leave a comment if you like.  Me -  I'm off to take more drugs and watch some rugby on the telly - that's how ill I am I haven't gone to watch the rugby as cold air + shouting = not good for lungs.

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  1. Aw she is lovely... one of my fave songs too! You know I have a bit of a thing for the Beatles LOL
    Hopin you are behaving and RESTING!! Seriously, I had that bug thing over Xmas and I have got an inhaler... and the only thing that makes you better is taking it easy... rugby on telly is a goodly idea.. but not too much leaping about when they score!!
    Thanks for joining in with the SUnday sTamper..take care


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