Sunday, 6 March 2011

I'm back!

Sorry, sorry sorry for not doing a post in ages - the excuse? Well we changed Internet suppliers and my laptop hasn't really enjoyed the experience and trying to prise time on the desktop from my husband can be shall we say - challenging.

Excuses aside what have I been doing in the craft world?  Well the highlight has been of course going on the Tim Holtz / ArtsyCrafty extravaganza  a couple of weeks ago. Boy what a tiring but fab day.

The whole build up from the announcement to the online ordering (I'm sure the neighbour's thought murder was being committed the amount of screaming I was doing trying to get it to work) to the actual day was (and this is an understatement) intense!  When you tried to explain to colleagues and friends that the great Tim Holtz was coming to the UK and was going to teach a class and that you'd got a place, well they just looked at me as if I'd finally gone mad.

Where do I start on trying to describe the day and what we did, pretty difficult and so many others have beaten me to it, so I'm just going to list the highlights for me:
  1. Tim's tip on measuring and putting paper into the little Configurations boxes  is going to make it so much easier to do more Configurations
  2. The Ranger  goody bag - very nice, thank you Ranger!
  3. Mario and his team for prepping all that stuff - we are not worthy of such dedication to crafting.
  4. That little white linen bag of precious things -  trinkets galore!
  5. My Idea-ology bag that I won from the great Tim Holtz
  6. Lovely Thorndon Hall papers from PaperArtsy to paint and ink over
  7. The fabulous new fresco paints from PaperArtsy (fill those little bottles quick Leandra and Mark - I need those paints)
  8. Colourwashes - yum
  9. Stains - even yummier
  10. PaperArtsy new stamps and dies -  need more time to play with these beauties
So I've finally finished my Configurations box today so I thought I'd share some photo's. To be honest I found it quite difficult to get my head round the whole concept of deciding which trinkets to go in each box, but once it clicked I was away.

So hope you like, I do and now I feel confident in tackling my other Configurations box.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Great to have you back! What day did you go?? I went on the was wonderful wasnt it! love your configurations boxes its great looking at all the different takes on them, each one has its own look, love what you have done with yours,


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