Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Waste not ...

Where does the time go, I'm not even going to look and see when my last blog post was as it's tooooooooooooo embarrassing!

Anyway Christmas is here, well to be honest has actually gone.  I've done my commitments: decorated the house, sent Christmas cards, catered for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, got presents that on the whole everyone liked (my niece especially loved her cupcake baking goodies) and now the rest of the break IS MINE.

I intend to lounge around in PJ's, do some reading, watch some telly, eat SOME chocolate and do some crafting - oh how I have missed my craft room the past month.  So whilst I wait for some paint to dry here is something I did manage to make to decorate our tree with.

A snowflake garland!

I cut out loads of Tim Holtz snowflakes from white fun foam and stitched them together to make a garland. 
In my haste though to sew them I didn't really pay much attention to making sure they didn't get tangled so then had to spend 20 minutes with a helpful husband untangling them before we draped them on the colour co-ordinated (gold, white and clear glass) tree.

As I don't have a base plate for the mini die cuts (yet ...) I used the ATC die to put them in the cut out (thanks Lin - great tip) so not only do you get your snowflakes but you also get an ATC with the snowflakes cut out - result!

I stitched the ATC onto some brown card with brown thread and they are destined to be Christmas cards for next year.  I might even make them this year and get really ahead of myself!

Have a great break everyone.



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  1. those are awesome ideas: as well the garland as the atc christmas cards! talk about being ready for next year, lol!

    wishing you all the best for the new year, but most of all, lots of creative moments ;)


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