Saturday, 31 December 2011

Good intentions and all that ....

Right so last day of 2011 a time for reflection (no regrets though, they waste valuable time and energy thinking about) and the annual looking forward and what will I do differently, better?

Well one of the things I think I'm going to do this year is the calendar challenge.  I watched Kate's and others all last year and thought - I quite like that concept, a small square to record the best thing (notice best thing) about the day I reckon I could manage that.

So today I will create my January pages ready to start tomorrow - just need a quick trip to HobbyCraft ....
Click here to see Kate's explanation of what you have to do.

And the picture - part of a beautiful bouquet (it's got glitter on, so it's sort of crafty) that my husband sent me to celebrate our 22nd anniversary of when we first kissed - the old romantic he is!



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