Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wish you were here ...

The girly day out on Sunday to Stamperama with Ms "oh look at my desk all neat and tidy" Gabrielle and daughter was tres tres fun, purchased loads, saw loads, learnt loads and met old friends (Karen, Lin and Leandra) and new ones (Helen).   All I can say is - Ally Pally you better be prepared for us!

Now whilst having a restorative cup of tea in between mooching and shopping on Sunday I casually mentioned to Karen and Gabrielle about the idea I'd had for a sort of challenge - creating art on postcards or at least 6x4 sized card.  Well given the looks they gave me you''d think I'd suggested flying to the moon with just a picket fence distress stain and dried up bit of cut and dry to make art. Basically they thought I was mad.

So here is my take on mad.

Took a piece of 6x4 (an old index card) and put different orange (Pumpkin, Autumn Fire, Smoked Paprika) Fresco Finish paints on it. Put French Roast (love the darkness of this) through one of my new stencils (going for a bit of a Moroccan vibe) and then stamped some postcard text from this new PaperArtsy Vintage collection plate

Added some strips of fabric, I think it's Amy Butler offcuts I got from The Cotton Patch at the annual Festival of Quilts at NEC. Some bright green ric rac and and a scrap of corrugated card were also sewn on. Over stamped with the ABC stamp from the same Vintage collection plate and edged the postcard in some green oil pastel. 

The tag was painted in Claret and Honey Dew Fresco Finish, some Smoked Paprika through another stencil, and then over stamped in black with this Victorian gentleman.  Added some colour with oil pastels.Distress the edge and then rubbed the edges through some Beach Hut Fresco Finish and stapled onto the postcard.  

Finally on an old piece of 8x8 I splodged some Inky Pool paint over and stamped the film stamp from the Vintage plate in Ultramarine Archival.

I started this on Sunday evening but only finished tonight, sometimes it takes me a while to finish something, but I quite like that gentle gestation process as an idea comes together. I might have stapled The Right Honourable Cuthbert Smythe-Frinkon in residence poet to the East Acton branch of the Society of Slipper Thwakers (I just made that up, it sounds good doesn't it, but perhaps proves Karen and Gabrielle are right - I am mad) on a different angle just to break up the lines but hey it's alright isn't it?

Right to create this master piece has left my desk in rather a state, which I need to tidy up in order to start creating the other idea I have been ruminating over whilst driving to and from work.




  1. Jo, it was great to meet you - and yes, roll on Ally Pally (I think they'll cope...)
    What is so mad about working on postcard size art? My one and only ever swap I've entered was that size - and you have cracked this - love the Moroccan vibe you have going on, those colours are fab! It was well worth waiting from Sunday for.
    See you soon, till then - have fun!

  2. Four things:
    1. This is fab and I love it lots and lots and lots
    2. Your idea was truly bonkers
    3. I have a clean desk, get over it!
    4. Sunday was beyond fun - can't wait for Ally Pally!!!

  3. Postcards could be the new black!!!!! Love the colours......right up my street.

    Hope your foot is better now. have a great week.

  4. I love it. I used to patchwork and quilting but now i cant, I like your use of fabric and tags.


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