Sunday, 29 July 2012

Granny chic

I haven't really been very creative lately, the old inspiration seems to upped sticks and gone AWOL and to be honest I just haven't really "felt like it".  I did made a birthday card for my husband and a sympathy card for a friend at work and last weekend I was creative in the kitchen baking but that's about it.

But I did finally finish my big granny square blanket last night. 
This has been on the go for months, it sits (or should that be "sat" as it now "sits" on the arm of the sofa waiting to be used) in a basket on the hearth in the living room. I periodically pick it up and do a few more rounds whilst watching TV.  I love crochet like this, it doesn't need me to follow a pattern and the rhythmic nature of looping the tactile thread is quite calming.

It's good to get a project finished and there are other unfinished projects in the wool basket like the bagpus scarf but what's really calling me is the lovely soft alpaca wool in gorgeous fawn and light brown neutral tones I got at a NEC craft show last year.  

This time rather than one huge granny square I think ones about "so big" (I was holding my hands up, but that doesn't really work in a text document does it so I reckon about 8" square- hold your hands up and you'll get my drift) joined together in with slightly off white / creamy alpaca.

I need to go shopping I don't think I've got enough wool.



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