Sunday, 6 January 2013


Well, well, well, long time no posts!  

December is always a bit of a funny month for me, dark long days, Christmas and happy families thrust at you in every direction.  I tend to become a bit a Scrooge "bah humbug" in temperment.  But now we've had the Winter Solstice which means the days are getting longer with more light (still a lot of rain though) and we have the promise of a New Year with new plans, new ideas and new (and sometime old) resolutions.

It's Sunday morning here in The Shires, the sky is devoid of any colour but I can hear the church bells ringing out over 2 miles away - simple things bring enormous pleasure.

After watching The Essex answer to Hollywood (or could it be Bollywood?) known as Hatman Productions, I've been inspired by Leandra's use of a brush with Treasure Gold - me I'd just been sticking my finger in it and putting it on!  But using a brush, well it was a revelation - simple things again!

And this is what I made just to try it out like you do.
I scraped some Ferro onto a papermache frame from HobbyCraft, and stamped into it just to add some crevicies and more texture.

Then I painted over it with Fresco paint in Nougat, Mocha Mousse, Chocolate Pudding and French Roast. 

Now for Treaure Gold, I used: Copper, AquaMarine, White Fire and Spanish Topaz, using a brush really did make it easier to put what you wanted where and to blend it better.

To fill in the recess I used some Frantage enbossing powder, mica flakes etc.  I love how it bubbles up and gives more texture.  I also added some coppeer green Frantage embossing on the frame as well. 

I edged around the frame with a Ranger Black dabber, where I hadn't put Ferro it sank in really well and framed it nicely.  The floweer was a fabric one that had some paint and Trearure Gold added and little bit of black as well.

I have big ideas now of how to use with some of my fabric collages, I have some really nice pictures of lichen and moss from Cornwall that I can use as inspiration.  Good job I ordered some more colours from paperArtsy this weekend!





  1. What a gorgeous piece of art! You got so much texture into it - I think I must explore Frantage!!
    Happy new Year - enjoy the church bells.

  2. Hey Jo good to see you arting again, know what you mean about the long dark days & the bah humbug but too!

    This looks fab hun ... lol at hollywood/bollywood .... it's TOWIE "innit" :) xx


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