Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just a few buttons and flowers ....

Those that know me in the flesh so to speak in the crafting world know I have a lot of flowers in my stash and can easily be swayed to purchase more.  It's fair to say that I have a boxful, if they were real I could probably do half a dozen gardens at the annual Chelsea Flower Show.  And to go with this boxful of blooms are three (large) glass jars of buttons and of course yards and yards of fabric.

Last weekend I stitched a most delicious cream concoction of fabric, just layering up the fabric to create oodles of textures.  It was well "strokable" if you get my drift. I thought I'd do my usual and use on an A6 size picture frame but then thought, no I need to go big as I don't want to loose sight of of all cream delight when I start adding other stuff.

So big I went.

Off white paper had some Distress Inks added, water flicks and some spray inks to create a background.  Some extra bits of fluff and fibres sewn on with some ripped up pages from old textbooks (I feel such a rebel mutilating a book in this way, seeing as I'm supposed to be a guardian of text in the day job).  

Some stamping using some really nice large PaperArtsy stamps. Whilst the ink was still wet from the stamping I sprinkled pinches of embossing powder over the image, didn't want it all embossed just "bits" to continue adding texture.

On the fabric panel I added one of my photos. the panel was then sewn to the background and then I got that box of blooms out and those jars of buttons and armed with my hot glue gun just started sticking stuff down.  After the gluing I did some light spraying - just to tone down some of the really vibrant pink and apricot flowers and added some Treasure Gold on the buttons.

Many of you will say - ah she's just copied the fab work of Finnabair.  And yes I'd agree with you in terms of I find her work stunning and really inspiring but I wouldn't say it was a complete copy. 

Right I need to be away as we have a christening to go this morning.



  1. Well you filled your day well yesterday!! Love this - and what is wrong with taking inspiration from Finnabair and adding your own twist - we all take inspiration from people we admire. Have an enjoyable time at the Christening.

  2. Lovely piece of work. Thanks for some inspiration
    Jeanette x

  3. explosion of Autumns rich shades in this wave of flowers, petals & buttons...a beautiful eye-catching piece Jo...Mel :)


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