Saturday, 16 February 2013

Duck Egg

Well it's morning here in "The Shires" in dear old blighty  and if I look out of the study window to the right there is some streaks of blue, bright vivid blue with a hint of gold peeping through the clouds - could it be a nice bright day is ahead of us, no greyness, no rain, no snow????  If it is we might venture out for a jaunt (jaunt or crafting - decisions, decisions, decisions)!

I have this little beauty made for AGES and I really thought it was about time I shared it with you as well. 

The twig wreath was dabbed with Fresco Nougat and White Fire treasure Gold dabbed on as well. At the bottom some linen strips were wrapped around the ends tied in a knot and some brown string and brown velvet ribbon wound round as well.

The tag was cut from a scrap of mount board and painted with layers of Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse, with a top layer of Sky.  A good sand at the edges and some nougat lightly dry brushed on around the edges - just to give that texture and distressed look.

The large sewing mannequin stamp from this plate was stamped in coffee archival, dried and then some more Treasure Gold lightly added.  I really like sanding the the treasure gold once I've added to sort of "scratch" the surface of it and add to that distressed look.

A bit of scrunched up crunchy waxed paper that had some Nougat dabbed on and some stitiching was glued on top pf the tag for the bird to sit on.

The bird (a PaperArtsy die) was cut about six times from Kraft card and glued together.  He had (it is a he I've decided) a layer of Sky followed by Mocha Mousse.  The edges were sanded to reveal some of the Sky.  A gorgeous swirly flourish (I love swirly flourishes and haven't used in ages - you may see them reappearing in future works) was stamped and embossed in Frantage Aged Copper Embossing Enamel. Some more Treasure Gold just lightly dabbed around the edges. 

The flowers were cut with a die from felt and some brown glass beads sewn on (that was hard work I can tell you seeing as I really need reading glasses for close up work).  I lightly sprayed the flowers a brown Glimmer Mist just to age them a bit.  It really works well on the yellowy ones around the edges. 

So there you go, "a nice thing", I've just got to deciced where to hang it now!




  1. A nice thing indeed Ms Jomy! It will grace any wall, nook or cranny you find!

  2. Jo, this is gorgeous!! Hope you resolve your dilemma of jaunt or craft.... hope you get to do both!


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