Sunday, 17 February 2013

Indian flower

Sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone, try something new, be adventurous.  I'm not talking trekking in the Peruvian hills, or wearing non matching bra and knickers (or even matching bra and knickers).  

No nothing as radical as that I'm just talking colours.

This is a bit out of my comfort zone as they aren't the colours I would normally aim towards. I'm more a neutral classic (actually these probably are in that spectrum) kind a gal, no brights for me thank you very much.

I started off making the tile late last Sunday evening.  Using the "oranges" from the Fresco range.  A layer of Butternut, some Smoked Paprika, crackle glaze and then Haystack on top of that.  Some script stamping in Saffron Archival, some number stampinhg in Sienna and finally the flower mini in black Archival.  

The whole tile had some Walnut Stain lightly added and then over the flower some London Bus, as it's translucent it sort of adds a soft wash and you can still see the Haystack underneath. A little bit of sanding over the tile to distress and lighten bits. Finally some Sapphire Treasure Gold on the edges followed by Black Soot Embossing powder just to frame the tile against the canvas.

The background.

This is a canvas that I roughly added some layers of texture paste with a palette knife, smoothed in places,left rough in others. Let it dry a bit and then used an IndigoBlu crackle stamp to press into the paste to give even more texture.  Where there wasn't texture paste on the front of the canvas I added strips of tissue tape glued down with PaperArtsy Satin Glaze (I also put it all round the edge of the canvas as well).  Left that to dry all day on Saturday whilst we went out to Angelsey Abbey to see the snow drops (they were gorgeous, plus some very early miniture iries, deep purple and really washed out faded pale blue).

This morning I just started putting on layers of paint. Started with the same palette of Butternut and Smoked Paprika. I wanted it to look old and dirty so added a thin layer of French Roast to dirty it up a bit..  Neat French Roast was also added where I was going to place the tile to lift it off from the background.  Over the texture paste I added Treasure Gold in Sapphire and White Fire to pick up the texture.  The red splodges in the corners are Brick Red Distress Embossing powder just sprinkled over the wet paint and dried. 

It's growing on me.



  1. Oh, this is stunning! I love the range of colours you've used, they are perfect - love that main flower image too. Your trip out sounds lovely - so nice to see signs of spring now!

  2. That is gorgeous, I love all the different textures.

  3. It's good to experiment and you have captured the essence of that beautifully in this piece, loving the warm colour hues. Kinda scared re the matching knickers and bra tho .... really!!! you mean we're meant to co-ordinate!! Eeek :) :) x


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