Monday, 11 March 2013

Tin foil it ain't

This started out as something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Underneath this thing of beauty is some texture paste, layers of a paint, two layers of PaperArtsy tissue paper and quite a few coats of Satin Glaze!

It just didn't work so I painted all over it.
As you can see I'm still on a it of a neutral vibe. Again I used Moonlight Fresco paint and scraped some Pewter Fresco paint over that in the middle and French Roast on the edges.

I'd seen Lin Brown use foil and Sticky Embossing Powder at Stevenage and really liked the subtle burnished metal look it gave. So both of those went in the basket along with some of the new Eclectica Sara Naumann stamps.

Using the words from plate No. 8 I stamped in embossing ink, put the sticky embossing powder on let that melt and put the brown / copper foil on top (first time round I put the foil down the wrong way and it lifted the sticky powder, a quick check on Youtube got me sorted!).

Next I used the little line stamp from plate 1 around the edges of the words and used a dull gold foil sheet.  I really love how the embossing powder stays sticky and you can just keep laying the foil, rubbing it down and lifting off (I imagine it's a bit like leg waxing, but I'm too chicken to try).  You can't really see the images as they are on canvas, you just don't get a "clean" impression, but I love how they provide a good worn, shabby base for the foil.

I was really happy with it so far and had to leave it for the weekend as I has the most fantastic birthday weekend treat thanks to my husband (luxury hotel, fantastic food,rather a lot of bubbly thanks to the waitress on our table and England v Italy rugby at Twickenham). Today I had a day off to recover and of course, have some craft time.

My neutrals textiles box has been sat on my craft desk for ages so I jut pulled out some random bits of fabric sewed them together. glued this on and then glued the flowers on.  I emptied my whole button jar out trying to find some buttons small enough for the centres but no luck, but then remembered my  bejeweller and crystals. I'd forgotten how addictive it is to stick crystals on but managed I hope, to restrain myself (there are some lovely blues ones in the box so I think something blue will be next!). 

The remember is stamped in Coffee Archival on a bit of driftwood and I think it just anchors it all (you'll let me know if it doesn't won't you?).



  1. This is beautiful! I loved what Lin was doing with the sticky embossing, but your piece is just fabulous.

  2. Oooh, so very beautiful. I love all the different textures.
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

  3. ...gorgeous work Jo, colours and textures are right up my street, love it...Melx :)

  4. ohhh gorgeous Jo! and what an awesome weekend!!!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous all the fabric...I found some of the foil in my basket at stevenage as well lol!!

  6. Just beautiful Jo, I love all the texture, gorgeous piece of art you created thanks for sharing and have a great day..

  7. Very scrummy Jo, I love how you keep to all the neutral colours, it's so elegant. Glad you liked the foil thing too.

    Lin x


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