Sunday, 3 November 2013

I tried ....

I did, I really tried to do a clean and simple inspired by Jo Wardle Guest Designer pieces over at PaperArtsy, but I just couldn't stop myself from adding texture!.

So here's a failed inspired by Jo Wardle, but it's a pretty good inspired by Jo Myhill don't you think?

It's the usual culprits of PaperArtsy Fresco paints in the orange / brown autumn inspired palette and I really like the Vintage Lace panel in the middle to contrast against the Krunchy Waxed Kraft Paper leaf. The Walnut Distress /ink over the top of the crunches really shows the texture and gives it that natural look.

Yet again it's a shame you can't actually get to look at this in real life and see all the grungy texture from the Grunge Paste and how watered down Fresco paints really move around and soak fabric beautifully.  I also really enjoyed spraying the paints as well and I'm currently trying that out more on a work in progress.

Right the whole day is ahead of me and I have two projects on the go, Sunday lunch to cook and a game of rugby to watch this afternoon. 

It's a hectic life sometimes.



  1. Your afternoon sounds like fun though - and I love this piece, gorgeous colours.

  2. Love all the textures. I am no good at clean and simple either.

    Emma x


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