Friday, 1 November 2013

Still obsessed with hearts

I quite like Autumn, the colours the sharp nip in the air, but boy I don't enjoy going to work in the dark and travelling home from work in the dark - I miss daylight and it plays havoc with crafting as taking decent photos to blog with is frankly hard work.  I have been known to take art work into work to photograph in my lunch break I'm that desperate sometimes.

Anyway today I have a day off work to play crafting catch up and that includes photographs (it's a brightish day so great light), blogging, oh and some craft as well (really need to crack on with those Christmas cards).

So yes I still appear to be a bit obsessed with hearts. 

I made this quite a while ago in terms of the background and the frame.  It's my usual distressed texture style. The frame had layers of PaperArtsy Fresco paint on in a neutral palette, rubbed back in places and little bits of embossing powder on it.

The centre piece had a lot of Frantage embossing powders added over the corrugated card which again had been lightly painted in neutral PaperArtsy Fresco paints.

It had something else in the middle (fabric and paper stitched together with a small piece of driftwood) that looked ok, but just wasn't quite right and every time I looked at it I sighed and pulled a face.

So I ripped off the middle bit and had a re-think. 

I had some spare hearts cut from Grunge Paper knocking about from a previous project so I played around with these adding more distressing with paint and powders and wrapped some strips of silk and wire round them. 

And again it sat in my craft room and I looked at it and sighed and pulled a face. Not quite as bad as last time, but yes, it still looked too "clean" especially the copper wire.

So this morning I carefully dripped some Hazelnut Alcohol Ink on the wire and silk and added some burgundy WOW embossing powder to the heart.  I also sprinkled a bit of the embossing powder on the corrugated background. And then added some light swipes of Plum Archival Ink on the frame to tie in the colours.

Now I look at it and smile, it's dirty enough to make me happy.



  1. Know what you mean about not feeling right. Sometimes you have to wait to feel right or it has to wait for you. Reminded me to dig out the frantage

  2. This is stunning Jo! Now who wouldn't want that on their wall!!!

    Lesley Xx

  3. well if it dirty enough to make you happy! Most excellent.EE

  4. ...I have an obsession with hearts too Jo, can't seem to get enough of them, have just made a really cool one out of moss but thats enough of me...I hope you don't mind but I have just pinned your piece onto my altered board, it's right up my street and would look great on my wall! it...Mel:)xx


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