Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Funny how things change

Well, I felt the need to immerse myself in some art this weekend, just painting and gluing and sticking and stuff. No real plan just seeing where the flow took me.

I've been reusing canvases lately, as my work evolves what I first started doing no longer appeals and rather than chuck the canvas away I'm just using it again, taking off the embellishments leaving any texture already there and either slapping some gesso on or adding a layer of Grunge Paste.

This one was originally pink. I added a layer of Grunge Paste that I'd mixed with some other grainy texture paste and once that was dry stuck some Prima flowers down with either Glue and Seal or Claudine Helmuth Matt medium (the pots look the same and they pretty much do the same thing!). To cover up the pink (mostly).

I added a a layer of Fresco Nougat and then Vintage Lace just to give a neutral background with loads of texture.

Next I added some of the new Lin Brown paints starting with Chartreuse all over and then Tikka in places to catch the texture and the edges and finally Chutney on the flowers. It looked quite earthy and springlike especially with the bits if pink you could still see showing through.

What next?

Stamping, but which stamps?

I rummaged through the stash and found one of Darcy's plates that I hadn't used  (very remiss I know but better late then never) and this was a good opportunity.So looking at the stamp plate I started to move into a more grungy steam punk way of thinking which meant getting all the Frantage embossing powders out. 

Well the cogs on the plate were itching to be used. So I tore a scrap of card painted it in Eggplant and then started adding Frantage embossing powders just sprinkling them on to mix the colours up. Once I was happy with the colour and texture I added two layers of clear UTEE. On the second one before it had cooled I stamped the cogs into it to get an impression (don't forget to stamp the stamp in Versamark first so it will release). 

I'd got some PaperArtsy hearts cut from grunge board in one of the WIP (work in progress) otherwise known as SNF (started not finished) project bags and  I knew I wanted to use one of those. So the heart had all sorts of Frantage melted on it including bronze glitter.

Once the stamped in UTEE had set I added some Treasure Gold ending up with Onxyite and then stapled the heart to the card using a load of alcohol stained staples.

To mirror the large heart I stamped the small heart over some tissue paper and then painted the back in Vintage Lace and Tikka. I then ripped this into pieces  and randomly glued down on the canvas in the gaps between the flowers and on the edges with Satin Glaze.

Oh it was beginning to look good. 
It needed something else. Eyelets to mirror the shape of the cogs and add another texture. Once these we're added I glued the card to the canvas.

As these were a light brown I got my alcohol inks out and dripped some copper on them and then that got  me thinking about the rest of the canvas and I started dripping more alcohol inks (cranberry) on the canvas, around the card added blending solution and let it drip and flow.

Oh, oh, oh it was looking even better.

Finally added some more Treasure Gold on the canvas edges and then walked away from it as it was finished.

It really is a tactile piece that needs to be touched, stroked and moved around in the light to see the different textures . I want to play more with stamped UTEE and my alcohol inks and my Frantage powders and flakes so expect to see some more texture pieces in the near future!



  1. From start to finish - a triumph!

  2. A yummy, good enough to eat piece Jo. Love the opcycling, will have to have a cull myself soon. Lovely to be able to see it evolve and develop. Particularly like the eyelets which add a lot to it. Need to see it and touch it myself too. So juicy I need to get up and create something myself. X

  3. wow Jo I love love love this!!! you clever girl lol!! you have some amazing ideas and this is definately one of them! Have definately been inspired to get those flowers out of the jar and wack them on some canvas.....xx

  4. Looks fabulous Jo!
    Alison x

  5. Ohhhhh.love it! So many of my fave elements all in one piece. I will link it in the fb group.

  6. Ohhh. Great transition. I feel spring is coming!!!

  7. Stunning canvas Jo! Thanks for the walk through of techniques & pictures. Great bit of recycling & new bits. Fabulous!!! :-) x

  8. Brilliant colours and textures. What super ideas. I love what you did with the alcohol inks. I had such fun looking at this. Thanks so much for sharing your creative process. Julie Ann xxx

  9. Glorious finish on that amazing heart - and the underlying textures are so so cool!
    Alison x


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