Monday, 26 May 2014

Purple Haze

What ifs have led to some great discoveries in the world. This was a what if for me but I don't think its going to save lives, bring global peace or even light up the craft world, but I had great fun!

I've been trying out various crackle mediums and this one is the golden one.  You have to spread it on quite thickly to gt cracks, big cracks as you can see.  It also takes a long while (overnight or longer) to dry, but I think its worth it.

The picture was also a what if, I'd wanted to print out some of my Instagram photos and for some reason the printer decided to send a sheet of paper through before the photo paper and the yellow ink cartridge was a bit iffy, so the colours weren't what I was expecting. the paper is really cheap and thin so I wondered would it work a bit like tissue paper if I stuck it down. Would it sort of melt into the background?  

It did and I like it.

The advice is to seal the crackle before you start adding any pint ans it can be a bit fragile.  So I used Matte Glaze from PaperArtsy.  I then  painted the canvas with Squid Ink and the paint really sinks into the cracks. Added some Moonlight, Pansy and Blush really lightly just to build up the layers, Going back in with Squid Ink if the cracks disappeared.  Stamped some text in Cornflower Archival then added some Glimmer Mists in purples and blues, blotting the excess and drying.

I then cut out the image, distressed the edges carefully and crumpled it up, flattened it out and then stuck down with Matte Glaze from PaperArtsy. I went over the whole canvas with that glaze and then added layers of Satin Glaze just to the image. Added a thin watered down layer of Blush over the top and then a final layer of Satin Glaze to seal that. 

Finally I used a white oil pastel round the image to frame it.  Spritzed some Antique Brass Glimmer mist which pooled and stained nicely (don't blot and leave to dry for a bit and then finish with the heat gun). Stamped some more text this time in Plum Archival.   



  1. This has worked brilliantly Jo! I found a tub of the Golden Crackle Paste yesterday that I must have had for 5 yrs but it still looks ok. I remember the big cracks it made and that it wasn't very stable....some of mine fell off, lol, but I hadn't sealed it. Must try it again & see what happens.

    Your project is lovely and I really like the colours. Your printed image looks gorgeous with the hazy effect that came out.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Love those big cracks!! Am losing with a purple page myself at present..wonder if cracks are the way forward...

  3. Oooo liking your canvas a lot! Beautiful colours, loving the cracks. The fuschia is a lovely focal point, i would be well pleased with the outcome.

    What will you do with this beauty? :-) x

  4. Love the depth that you managed to create. X

  5. Really unusual effects on this: love the big cracks! Julie Ann xxx

  6. Great effects Jo the crackle looks good but I love the colours xx


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