Sunday, 6 July 2014

Variation on a theme

Sometimes you feel on a roll, you've got so many ideas on how you want to incorporate different techniques and designs with the same elements and colours.  You can t put it all on one piece so you create another one (and possibly another one) the same but slightly different.  You like one element of the first piece so much, you want to use it again and gain but with slight difference.

This is an example of that excitement "I want to make another one, but this time ...."

Its the same photo as A study in white, but this time I used sand texture paste again, but also book text, mulberry bark and silk as the textures.  Oh and its in a frame.

This is destined for the hoped for Etsy shop, I figure I'll make a small number of pieces and then set up the shop- gosh what a new adventure!

Right off to Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horses Rally today with my bro.  Opportunities for more photos of mechanical things and horses and possibly donkeys.  There will probably be a tool stand as well that might have some rusty old tat (fingers crossed) as my Dad would say.



  1. Jo, this one is gorgeous too!! Good luck with the Etsy! Have a great day - hope it's not too muddy...and you find some tat to photograph or buy!

  2. Ooh, how exciting about the Etsy shop! Go for it, Jo! I really like this one. You certainly have a great individual style. Hope you find some alterable stuff at the Steam and Heavy Horses jamboree! Julie Ann xxx

  3. Great idea about the shop Jo, love this piece too xx

  4. Beautiful framed ArT, who could resist! Your Etsy shop will be a great success as you have a very distinct style, good luck:-) xxx

  5. This is lovely Jo...great colours and I love that piccie :D good luck with the etsy shop...not that you'll need luck lol x


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