Sunday, 19 July 2015

A small token of appreciation.

Sometime it takes a good work colleague to sit you down and tell you some home truths, namely you are being "a pain, a right pain"

I didn't appreciate the home truths at the time but then this afternoon whilst relaxing (something else I find hard to do) I had the light bulb moment and realised that yes perhaps I had been "a right pain" 

I'd lurched into old my habits of control freak stress management, when my workload seems unbearably out of control and there is too much to do, I try and manage EVERYONE ELSE whether they report into me or not, to try and feel I've achieved something.

Ummm, perhaps that good work colleague had a point and perhaps I should have listened a bit better. 

It takes guts to to point out to me that I'm a pain, I can be a bit scary at times I know that. So I really do appreciate that good, kind work colleague for taking the time out from their overworked day to give me a slap so to speak.

It reminded me to stop working so hard to be the perfect manger and stop setting unrealistic targets to prove myself to others.  I only need to prove it to myself and you know what, I'm doing a pretty good job and so is that kind work colleague.



  1. Awww bless you Jo, but at least your colleague got through to you eventually xxx

  2. I can't imagine you being scary Jo; maybe we see a totally different side to you in your down time!! This is a beautiful project. xx


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