Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Transparent layers

Well over at PaperArtsy the theme has been transparency. I completed this last week and then I came down with the mother of all toothaches and subsequent infection that has swelled my face to well, my husband dear man he is just called with Sloth from the Goonies. I'm chucking pain killers down my throat every two hours and antibiotics every six, my constant companion is a hot water bottle to my face. I have to drink tepid tea through a straw and I have to have a dribble cloth. Have I started old age early?

Anyway so transparency.  I'd had an idea of using layers of acetate with various elements on each to achieve a layered see through effect.  It's sort of worked, the depth between each layer needs to be bigger, but I'm quite happy.

Moving from back to front (all paints used are PaperArtsy):

Layer 1: text page stuck in and strips and bits removed. A light sponge of Elephant and White to tone the page down.

Layer 2: Elephant paint sponged on quite thickly and opaque, some stamping in Slate and Black Stazon.  The grey in the centre was scared back to reveal layer 1 and a white paint pen to create a frame.

Layer 3: one of photos (dandelion) image transferred on the sheet and some more stencilling in a light grey. Once the image had dried gently rub away the backing paper.

Layer 4:  white stencilled through small dot stencil and butterflies stamped in Stazon from HP1109.

You can see in the individual layers on my Instagram account @jomyhill, I often post WIPs here.

I crackle glazed an old frame with Slate and White and added a touch of Walnut Stain Distress ink.  I used a hot glue gun to stick layers 4, 3 and 2 togetherness. The frame and layer 4 was stuck over the clips.

Looking at it completed layer 3 needs to be less opaque in the centre as its stops the ethereal look I was after.

As an experiment it worked quite well.



  1. I love this, the layers look fantastic. I am sorry you've had such pain; hope it goes soon.

  2. As an experiment this worked like a dream imo! Love it Jo & I do hope your poor face returns to normal very soon.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Fabulous!!!!!!! I'm so sorry about your toothache and pray it is better quickly!!

  4. Great idea and beautiful shabby 3D look. Hope you get well soon. xx

  5. I'm thinking by now the antibiotics must have kicked in and you must be feeling better!
    I like this 3D, theatre like effect of the successive layers of transparencies. The distressed/crackled frame is looking gorgeous too.

  6. This looks great, Jo. I'm so sorry about your tooth, it sounds really miserable,

    Lucy x

  7. Fabulous work - I love the depth to it and the distressed frame -it all works beautifully together.

  8. Met you today at the show, loved the work and appreciated discussing methods.
    It is rare for artists to explain exactly how they achieve their work
    Thank you


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