Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Daisy, Daisy ....

This is very different for me colour wise and at times I nearly lost my nerve and painted over it. But I stuck with it and I'm really, really pleased.

At the PaperArtsy Christmas Day we learnt some great techniques on shading from Tracy Scott.  I liked the concept but wasn't keen on the design and wanted to create more of a patchwork effect with straight lines rather than curves.  Well this week as I've taken some annual leave (my tooth still hasn't cleared up after numerous dentist visits, got another one on Friday that I might just have a hissy fit if nothing is done and frankly I'm tired and still dealing with infection pus with isn't a public viewing activity if you get my drift) I decided to try out my idea.  I was also inspired by the Simon Says Monday challenge of a Ray of Sunshine which means yellow.

Um, yellow, not a great fan of yellow, whether its buttery or zingy.  But hey this year is all about saying yes to more to art / craft related things.  So I put my sunglasses on and set to work.

I had a long thin canvas knocking around that had some texture on and was painted white.  Over this I added some colour as a base (Cheese Cake, Submarine Yellow and finally Nougat) with a credit card and baby wipe.


I marked out a grid with pencil and started adding colour to each of the squares.  I used a whole range of PaperArtsy pastels in orange, pink, green and mauve. Those that know me, know I don't do pastels, first step up the ladder of moving out of comfort zone.

To add another layer of depth I stamped the square clocks image from Clocks 2 plate in Watering Can archival in the squares.  Added some shading in each square using the mid range colour for that square.

Still bright.

And then to make matters worse I added a wash of Submarine Yellow, EVEN BRIGHTER! 

Left it for a while and thought no, still too bright for me, Chalk colour wash time. Back down the comfort zone ladder I know but it worked for me. Finally went over the lines with a soft brown watercolour pencil and soften the lines with water.

That was all yesterday.  This morning I stamped the large heart from EEG13 onto some white Japanese calligraphy paper in a soft green Archival, created a mask and added some text.  these were glued down and edged in the soft brown pencil.

Now the fun bit, the daisies.  Using both sizes of flower from EEG14 (only just released from PaperArtsy, check out the blogpost)  I stamped in black Archival onto linen sandwich of linen, Bondaweb, linen.  These were then painted with Snowflake and Submarine Yellow.

I cut these out leaving an edge of fabris outside the black so I could distress them  to make them shabby.

So finally it was complete and I was happy.  The pop of yellow on the daisy works for me and actually I quite like the soft washed muted pastels.

My husband reckons this is a very commercial make and would sell well.  I reckon this would be a good workshop make, achievable in a day if it was on a 12x12" canvas.  

Anybody interested in me running a workshop in Northampton? 



  1. Saw your wonderful artsy looking Daisies creation at Simon Says Stamp Mon Ray of Sunshine Ch. My dog's name is Daisy. I adopted/rescued her in 2014 from the shelter. She is my best 4 legged friend. have a BEE-utiful day!
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. Hey, thank you and hello to Daisy!

  2. That is beautiful, Jo. I love the hearts on the background & the daisies look fab.

  3. Jo, thus is gorgeous. What a fabulous version of Tracy's canvas background. I love the daisies.

  4. Jo, thus is gorgeous. What a fabulous version of Tracy's canvas background. I love the daisies.

  5. Love your out of comfort zone canvas, looks amazing Jo.

    Hope you get your tooth fixed very soon :-) x

  6. Wow Jo, out of your comfort zone perhaps but boy have you rocked those pastels! This is gorgeous and I'd love to do a workshop but you're a bit far from me for a day I think :-(

    Lesley Xx

  7. Absolutely beautiful Jo! Ruth x

  8. Well, I lost my bet that the pastels wouldn't stay the course! It looks great Jo, agree about the pop of yellow too! Xx


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