Friday, 19 February 2016

Take a deep breath and do it!

So,  some of you may have realised from my sneaky peeks and hashtags that I've taken a big leap this year in brand "shabby dandelion" 

Actually Ive taken two big leaps.  Ive finally set up my Etsy shop "theshabbydandelion" (link on the left). there isn't much to buy at the moment but i will be adding more after completing my other big leap. I like my artwork and I hope that other people might and like to buy.

The other big leap is that I have taken a small new designer stand at the Stitches trade show at the NEC this weekend to showcase me and shabby dandelion.

Runs around screaming in panic and delight!

Its a great opportunity for me in my grand plan to become a demonstrator / teacher and share my techniques and ideas with other crafters.

Developing "brand" shabby dandelion has been interesting.  Firstly I had to try to define and describe what my "style" is.  I think its:
  • shabby
  • texture
  • grungy
  • muted
  • layers
  • backgrounds
  • focal photographic images
Secondly marketing.

The blog is my main showcase for this but also Instagram has been a fabulous tool to get my images out there internationally, to follow like minded artists and comment on their work and hop that they follow me! ~Its called developing a community of practice in academic circles which basically means like minded people getting together, sharing and communicating.

I also had to design a business card to give out at Stitches.  I wanted it to "show" my style so it had to be one of images of a dandelion of course on a crackle glaze and ripped text layer background in nice muted tonal colours and a simple font with contact details.  

I had great help from the local printer I used to get my cards printed, who told me about bleed lines and not taking the art work to the edge. I decided to go for a postcard size so that the image didn't get "lost" It was so exciting to see them coming off the printer and seeing my name and creative mixed media artist!

Finally the art work.

I wanted to make some big impressive pieces that would be eye catching and draw people in.  So in my 2x2m space with a back wall I've created 3 A3 size canvasses using my favourite techniques and products (PaperArtsy of course). 

I'm also dressing the set with props to showcase some of the smaller items I make like my rusty tins, smaller canvases, scrapbook and fabric collages and raggy garlands and hoops.

So Saturday is set up day, I'm bringing along my trusty husband and brother to help and then doors open on the Sunday through to Tuesday. so if you are attending come and say hello, you'll find me on Stand LO5 (near ther seminar theatre and workshop area) smiling!



  1. wow Jo big big big congratulations I am sure you'll be a big hit!! Wishing you loads of luck.wishe we could be there with you xxx

  2. Wonderful preparation you've put in Jo and I love your business cards....a beautiful work of art in themselves and so 'your style'! You already know I'd jump at the chance of a workshop so I'm wishing you lots of luck over the next few days. Make sure you take some photos for us of your stand.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Deep breaths, you will be AMAZING!! good luck but most of all....enjoy it xx

  4. Huge congrats and good luck, might catch a sneak peak of you at stitches courtesy of Leandra and periscope! Ruth x

    1. Yes so I heard, better put some make up on!

  5. Good luck at the show Jo, I'm sure you'll do great! Love your new business cards - that crackle really comes across well on them. Claire x

  6. I am a bit late catching up on some blogs... delighted for you, Jo and wishing you and Shabby Dandelion all the very best. You will be great at the show, as I have seen you demonstrate and you are amazing. Love the business cards, too. WOOP WOOP FOR JO.. hope to see you next Sunday at Stevenage, please try and come! xxx

  7. Wow fabulous, love your cards and the art is amazing, will look out for you xx

  8. How Exciting Jo and how brave. I always love your art, and your stand was beautiful. I wish you great success in your chosen path. Learn as much about the process as you can, then I can pick your brains lol. Seriously though very well done. I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself, coz I know We are all very proud hugs Debs xx

  9. It was lovely to meet you at the show yesterday, your work is so beautiful.

  10. Great to meet you Jo, your stand looked great, amazing work, thanks for the inspiration and advice x


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