Sunday, 1 May 2016

That inner critic has been mighty loud recently.

I think all artists suffer from "I'm no good, all my art is rubbish, I'm not creative, it isn't good enough" Sometimes you can tell that inner critic to "go away" and sometime you listen to it and say "you're right, I am rubbish, I'll just hide in this corner and never create anything again".

Inner critic smirks and ticks you off the to do list of "must make people feel rubbish about themselves".

Well inner critic I'm coming out of the corner and you can go take a running jump as they say.

I have been steadily (actually you might say manically) collecting old vintage fabrics especially linen, cotton and lace. I'm quite happy sitting there with my seam ripper taking the lace off old tablecloths, placements and antimacassars, smoothing it out and rolling it up gently and placing in my wicker basket (the image wouldn't look out of place in Simple Things magazine). 

And every time I buy some more, my husband looks at me (in that way all long suffering craft spouses do) and says "are you going to use it?"

Well husband I have!

As Maria would say, just a few of my favourite things:  distressed paper, paint (PaperArtsy), stamping (PaperArtsy), ink, lace, linen, muslin, photographs and stitches. 

So the finished piece is 30x21 cm in a wooden frame and its for sale, £45.00 plus post and packing.  Email me if you are interested. 



  1. it's gorgeous! glad you're shouting down your inner critic, he knows nothing! it must be a he, no female critic would dare doubt your ability.

  2. Ignore that nasty inner demon - your work is simply beautiful and this just proves it xxx

  3. Just punch him in the eye Jo....blasted cheek! You have certainly come up trumps with this treasure and I certainly believe in you! X

  4. Beautiful Jo, inner critic be gone. Love your whole design. Xx

  5. This is a really good idea that you have going on. manufacturing


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