Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 2012

Did you ever play that game to see how old you would be in 2000 (I'm not telling what I was, you'll have to guess)?  Well I can't believe that was ages ago and we are now in 2012 - isn't it all supposed to be space agey with flying cars and robots?????

As I said I've decided to take part in the calendar challenge so here are my pages for January.  I decided rather than use an art journal I would use up sheets of 12x12 paper and put in a scrap book. I might also combine in the scrap book photo's from the month as well.

As it's still winter and we are likely to get snow I thought I'd do a wintry bluey whitey background.
I used Baltic Blue and Ice Blue fresco paint then spritzed over some Raspberry Blue and Biscotti perfect pearls mist (you can't see anything in these photos as I'm taking them inside with rubbish light).

Used some sequin waste and Ice Blue paint to put some small dots around the edge, then used a white paint dabber to put snowballs on and ran an old credit card through some of them to get lines.Edged round those with a white pen.

Finally stamped one of my favourite Paper Artsy  flower stamps in grey and white and edged both sheets with some Burnt Red Glimmer Mist.

Once I worked out  what size squares I'd need (2x2) I coloured some paper in Baltic Blue and Moonlight, edged them with a Sharpie and added the numbers. 

All a bit of learning curve, but fun.  Just need to write in the squares for the month now!




  1. love the colours and the shimmer.

  2. Welcome to the challenge! So pleased to have you playing along. It's going to be a great year! Your page is a delicious shimmery icy blue - perfect for January :-)

  3. Jo, great to see you taking up the challenge, loving the icy look to this page. x

  4. Love the icy shimmer of your pages, gorgeous.

  5. Great colours for January. I agree it is so much more difficult to get a good photo this time of the year. Need to go shopping, reading about everyone elses paints, inks etc

  6. Beautiful shimmery blue for a cold january! Look forward to seeing your pages throughout the year x

  7. yeah! so happy you joined! you'll see: journaling is addictive!!! lol

    enjoy the journey :)))

  8. Beautiful pages! Great shiny colour! Happy 2012!

  9. I really love your scrapbook idea, using up the 12 x 12 papers and maybe incorporating photos - great start to the project ! I look forward to seeing more from you in the year xxx

  10. Love the wintry look you've got going here......and the shimmer off it is fab .....was it 12 x 12 for each side .....did that make the squares bigger then? Great idea x

  11. Love the idea of using a scrapbook instead of a sketch book. Lovely page, well done.

  12. Welcome to the challenge. I love the wintery feel to your pages.


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