Saturday, 2 March 2013

Metal Petals

I had an idea for this for AGES (that might be a slight exaggeration, I've been away for a week with a 4 year old and some of his behaviour may have rubbed off).  A big canvas with a flower made of metal embossed hearts on a grungy background - simple right?


Well the metal petals were to be honest. I just cut out loads of PaperArtsy hearts and leaves from some sheets of metal sandwiched on black card with that red humungo adhesive. Ran them through an embossing folder and then put Onyxite and Pewter Treasure Gold on top.

The stamen was made from heavy guage metal wire twisted and then coloured with alcohol inks.  I folded up the wire put it in a plastic bag and then squirted alcohol inks in the bag and just sort of squished the metal around in the bag in the inks - think Nigella Lawson when she's marinating chicken!

What caused me the most problems was the canvas.  What you see is the third colour I tried on it.  I first started out with PaperArtsy Fresco in Mushroom with some London Night and then Hey Pesto with texture paste ands text.  It just ended up muddy looking - twice. I think I was too impatient in terms of adding colour, didn't let it dry in between layers and  just added "too much".

So on this final layer I used Kaiser colours (because the new natural colours from PaperArtsy hadn't been launched) in Sand Slate and Eggshell. First was a layer of Sand to cover up the previous layers.  Then I added some thin layers of texture paste in the middle of the canvas and through a stencil at the edges. Once this had dried I added some layers of Slate and Eggshell, just sort of splodged about to give that aged look. 

To continue with the aged look, I used my favourite French Roast Fresco paint to add some dry brushed grime marks at the edges of the canvas and dragged down it. 

Some text stamping in Olive Archival in the middle (it needed a bit of contrast colour).  For a bit more texture and contrast I glued on some little bits of lace and cotton.   The edge of the canvas was stained using Walnut Distress Stain. Finally some Onyxite and White Fire Treasure Gold was added the raised texture parts -  a bit more grime!

I was after a sort of old wall kind of effect with bits of faded wallpaper, crumbling plaster and a layer of aged grime, finally I think I got it!

Right, off for a cup of tea now as not only did the 4 year old share his behaviour he also shared his germs so both John and I have got stinking colds and coughs!



  1. Well the colour worked perfectly in the end!! The canvas background is just fabulous, and does look like crumbling plaster I think. I love the hearts,too, they look fabulous. hope you feel better soon, wrap up warm!

  2. Well, the canvas not not have been easy, but the whole piece has ended up looking gorgeous. The flower is stunning.

  3. worth waiting for, it is beautiful.EE


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