Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dark Heart

Sometimes you just need to go dark and grungy.

This has actually been made quite a few weeks but I just haven't got round to blogging it (lazy madam I know).

I felt the need after I'd been doing quite a bit of design work for PaperArtsy to just let rip with paint texture, metal treasure gold and embossing powder, no stamping and no real plan in mind apart from the idea of the embedded heart.  

And to be honest that's just what this canvas has.

It was thoroughly lovely just scraping Grunge Paste on, slapping Fresco paint on, sprinkling Frantage embossing powders on and stippling Treasure Gold on to make a lovely textured piece.

What do I love about it? Well:

The texture, I just love Grunge Paste (have I said that before - yes loads of times Jo and you know it!), I love how it can be a thin layer, a thick layer, smooth or pitted depending on the "look"what you want to achieve.

The heart, cut from Grunge Paper using my favourite PaperArtsy die it was sunk in the Grunge Paste, painted and embossed and then edged in Oil Pastels.I heated these and they melted to give definition and another layer of gloss, when you heat the oils they sort of melt and sink in and intensify the colour.

The splodges of London Bus Fresco paint add some pop and give a matte contrast to the high sheen of the Embossing powders and the dull metal of the Old Gold Fresco paint.

The linen and hand made paper scrap combo to add another texture. the stamp is one of Lin Brown's new ones and I think it really echos the art that even when your  heart feels dark and hidden , somewhere every day there is a chink of light, of happiness, of joy to make the heart beat faster, for it to sing and emerge from the darkness and remember that life is worth living. 

Very profound I know but art should say something and it should come from the soul, doesn't have to mean its a tortured soul, happy souls are good as well!

Right well no crafting for me today I have lovely family visiting for lunch so its all about cooking (still crafting really as in creating and still from the soul).  I'm trying a nw recipie today, Jamie Olivers Empire roast lamb, its been marinating all night and is about to go in the oven - wish me luck!



  1. Jo, that is gorgeous, I love the texture. It makes me think of fossilised rock, as if the heart has been there for millions of years. Enjoy your lunch.

  2. Proper alchemy happening here. Must dig out my oil pastels and give em a whirl. So inspiring as your waxing lyrically, hope your lamb dish is as good as this!

  3. Gorgeous, Jo - love all the texture and the colours too. Have a great day - enjoy the lamb.

  4. Beautiful canvas Jo! Love all the texture and the dark colour's you have used. :)

  5. What a gorgeous textured piece of art Jo! I love it!

    Lesley Xx


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