Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ally Pally

Well it's Ally Pally weekend and yesterday I went down on the train (so nice not to have to drive) and  had a mooch around.  Didn't really have any "I must buy" requirements but still spent a small fortune mostly at PaperArtsy!

going to shows is great (apart from spending the money), because you get the opportunity to see the products being used, get ideas, meet old friends and make new friends who all like the same stuff you do!  But the best bit for me was having the opportunity to do some demoing on the  PaperArtsy stand. It was great to show new and old PaperArtsy fans the greatness (is that a word? I don't know but it should be, Oxford English Dictionary or OED for us librarians in the know, get it added in the list!) of these products and what they can do, answering questions and finding out from people what kind of art they like to make and how they use the paints, stamps and Treasure Gold. So thank you Leandra for the opportunity, loved it!

So if you spoke to me yesterday afternoon (Saturday) about Treasure Gold and it smelling like shoe polish, which pink paints to buy, how to use crackle glaze, what's journaling all about and are you a comment maker or a lurker it was great to meet you!

Here is one of the tags I made in a steam punky Finnabair style using Grunge Paste, going to try this again, now where are all those bits and bobs?



  1. I'll say it again, Jo - you were a natural at the demoing - bet you've got a job now if ever a demo-er is needed!! LOVE this tag you made. Glad you got home safe after the visit to the bar before we all left... see you soon.

  2. That is lovely Jo. I love all the colours and texture. It sounds like you had a lovely time and enjoyed showing your great talent. Wish I was there :( Debs x

  3. Love the Tag, great colours and textures. Glad you got the chance to demo, must have been a rush! :-) xxx

  4. Hi it was lovely to meet you too, I was the lurker/comment maker we had a lovely chat at the end of the day. Thank you, you gave me lots of ideas and inspiration have joined your blog and look forward to seeing lots more of your work.

    1. Hello, and congrats you're a comment or not just a lurker! Would love to see what you make. Jo

  5. This tag is great Jo and your demo-ing was inspirational! Lovely to see you again and to have a chat about this and that. Hope to see you in September? Julie Ann

  6. Good to meet you Jo and I love your tag xx

  7. Hello - daren't lurk!! Should say hi! I wasn't at Ally Pally - I usually keep my shows to the more textile variety, but I am in love with the Fresco Finish paints which now crop up in all my mixed media pieces. Great little blog by the way.

    Hope the M1 behaves for you today!

  8. Was wonderful to see you again on Saturday Jo and Helen's right, you were a natural on the demo table! I watched this fab tag develop and it's even better irl! Loved watching the background layers being done.

    Lesley Xx

    PS I spent a small fortune with bulk of it on wonderful PaperArtsy stuff. Just need some peace to be able to play now, lol! Xx


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