Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mr Mojo and Ms Inspiration have gone AWOL

Its no good I've searched everywhere for them, under the bed, in the cupboards,  in the attic, under the stairs, bottom of the garden, they've just gone.

The little devils left no forwarding address, nor have they sent a postcard, email, Tweet or Instagram to say where they are.

Without them I'm a bit stuck on the old creativity front.  So until they return from their jaunt, this blog will be having a "rest"



  1. If i find them on the run will send them back immediately! Enjoy your rest, CARRY ON AND CROCHET:-)

  2. Ha they do that to me too. Then just when you're not expecting them, up they pop screaming ' here, here, here' and 'feed me , feed me, feed me!' No manners!

  3. Cooeee, Mr Mojo where are you... hope you get back in the groove soon Jo, we miss your art! take care and enjoy the rest.

  4. Wondered where you'd gone. Even though I've not been around much your absence has been noted, lol! As Mo says enjoy unpressurised crochet till the Mojo Scalleywags come home with their tails between their legs! Xx

  5. Will come back when you forget about looking...bit like finding a partner.....have a break......good food and will return! Loads of faith in you...xx

  6. Hope they bring wonderful treasure from their jaunt. xxx


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