Thursday, 30 April 2015

Photo on Friday #7

Iconic objects, I reckon this is one that apart from London you don't see very often these days. Not only do you not see red telephone boxes, you rarely see telephone boxes as we all have mobile phones.

But how many of us have memories of loitering as kids in our gang around telephone boxes on street corners? Making sure we'd got 10p's to phone home from town, or phone new boyfriends? Giving directions by telephone boxes (my husband got so confused when they took away the red phonebox on the main road in the village where I grew up as it was where he had to turn right to get to my street). And of course in major cities there would be postcards offering the services of "ladies" I have a feeling if you look closely at this picture there are some of those postcards!.

Nostalgia and memories, sometimes its good to look back.


  1. Great photo, I still walk past one on my way to the bus stop... complete with the cards and a smell of ... well you can guess.. but I am confused,it'snot Friday - or did I sleep too long?!!

  2. A very early Friday post Jo lol! Wonderful to see red telephone boxes, we have had our local ones replaced by the clear BT ones but i think we still have them in our town centre. Great image :-) xxx

  3. have magnifying glass but can not make out the last two numbers! great photo


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