Saturday, 14 January 2012

Monochrome Magnificence

Well it certainly is a crisp crunchy chilly frosty morning here in the Midlands, I know 'cos I've just nipped out to the back garden in my dressing gown to take some photo's. Us artists eh!

The very talented and very nice Jo has set herself a challenge this year to blog more frequently, she's calling it her BIG Blog Project and the aim is each month is a colour and each week is a letter of the alphabet that will prompt a theme. Go check it out if you haven't seen.

This month is grey.

I like grey (I must do as I have two grey cats, albeit one is a tabby with white and the most gorgeous fawn colours on her that I'd really like to replicate but not sure how easy it would be take her to Homebase paint counter and say match that) in interior design and art, give me a piece of grey velvet and I'll happily stroke that with a silly grin on my face (rather like the cats when we give them catnip!). 

As a colour it's stylish, muted, calm and works with any number of other colours,  but I don't like it when it's in the sky because it's dull depressing and draining!

I made this a little while ago for another challenge which I can't remember what it was but I know I missed the deadline!

I look at this every morning when I'm drying my hair and it makes me smile.  

I love the layers, I love the messy stitching, I love the different textures of paper, felt and silky fabric, I love the photograph (one of mine, I really must do some more photography this year) which is really of bright red poppies but greyed out, I love the stamping and of course I love the colour.

It's an A4 canvas painted in white and a very pale grey which has been distressed with the heat gun to blister the paint in places.

On top is a 10x8 canvas board on top that has been painted in grey, a darker grey glimmer mist sprayed over a stencil and then stamped in grey Stazon .  It you look closely (and you'll have too) there is a random layer of tissue tape which has some card on top that has been heavily stamped with Tim Holtz dressmaking stamps. 
Then  layers of old paper, sari silk and light grey felt cut with a Tim Holtz scallop die and all stitched together. A number of grey buttons from the stash and some old Prima or Maya Road flowers again from the stash.

Right well time to crack on, a big rugby weekend ahead so will be camped on the sofa but before that I have a date with my husband - a breakfast date no less at our favourite American diner!




  1. I love grey too, and your grey art is just wonderful - the photograph looks great with it! It is a beautiful frosty morning - I've been out already too, but not in my dressing gown!Have a great time watching the rugby.

  2. Well that is just gorgeous!!! I adore fabric and stitching, it's something I want to do more of this year. I'm sure
    Jo will be thrilled with your posting on the back of her blog-manic-mission.

    Leandra x
    Enjoy the rugby!!

  3. oh no, Jo and flowers! i have to look away!! coz every time i come over here and see flowers, i have to do some of my own, lol. that's what you do to my mojo!
    recently discovered i love grey too, such a neutral yet yummi color!

  4. Ohhh so pretty! I love this piece and can't wait to see more!

  5. Jo, this is seriously stunning.I love all the fabric you used, it really is beautiful. Grey definitely has to be my new favourite colour.



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