Friday, 13 April 2012

Shabby Wreath

Sometimes a stayvacation (not going away) is really good.  This week I've pottered around at home finishing of projects in my craft room, tidying it up and throwing stuff away that I know I'm never going to use. It was quite therapeutic.

I really do hate clutter, seeing it, surrounded by it clutters my brain and weighs me down and I have difficulty doing anything as I attempt to wade physically and mentally through piles of stuff. Don't get me wrong the house doesn't have to be super neat (house work really is a chore and is endured for the minimum amount of time, there are much better ways to spend my free time), lived in is fine as long as once you've finished with it put it away.

So this was once of those projects that had been half started and then left lying in my craft room since Christmas and yesterday it got finished.

I tool a wire coat hanger and wrapped some quilt batting around it and then covered in strips of calico.  to be honest the quilt batting isn't necessary but I had some odd bits hanging around (see use it up or throw it away).

Next I took some old fabric in this case some pillow cases from a charity shop purchase and ripped them into strips (I love the sound of ripping fabric such a sharp purposeful noise), then cut these into approx 4" strips.  Each strip was tied in a knot around the wrapped coat hanger until it was full. 

A bit of fluffing and ruffling to make sure the ends weren't all in straight lines and a shabby wreath is created!  I might add in some wisps of ribbon here and there to break up the white a bit but I ain't rushing to do that, I 'll just look at it for a couple of days and see whether it really needs it.

It's hanging on the craft room door facing onto the landing, so far husband either hasn't seen it or has decided not to comment! 

These pictures were taken half an hour ago outside in the damp sunshine in amongst the plum blossom and now the fog is rolling in - Spring eh!

Right I'm venturing out today to see the lovely Gabrielle for cake, coffee and a good ole chat!




  1. It looks even better here than it did when you tweeted it yesterday. Enjoy your coffee and cake.

  2. This is just so gorgeous, very spring like too! Have a cake for me too xx

  3. You're a clever, clever bunny! Love this - recycling into something truly beautiful! I gather those hip chicks call it upcycling! Just typing that makes me hip *coughs*!!! Have a lovely coffee and cake with that Gabrielle! I hear she's wonderful company!!!

  4. GORGEOUS... how fab is that.. so clever Jo... have fun with Gabrielle... oh and have a nibble of cake for me lol xx

  5. Oh I just love this and have been promising myself to make one for honks.. Perhaps I should have a go now?? I bet the cake was good and I hope you bent her ear.. Gab tells me I have a grasshopper brain.. Don't no why?? Chuckle!


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