Thursday, 1 January 2015

365 and counting ...

New Year, umm, we do set ourselves up for a monumental fall sometimes don't we?  Make all these promises, think that a a new year will make all the difference. We'll be fitter, stronger, thinner, healthy, nice, free, less grumpy, calm, content, wealthy ... the list is endless. And we set ourselves these ridiculous goals like: I'll go the gym everyday, I 'll say no to chocolate and biscuits, I wont be grumpy or mardy (add in your own, feel free).

And then we fail, or we think we fail, because we had a biscuit or two, said yes to the chocolate offered to us at work, didn't go to the gym because we just didn't feel like it. 

But you know what we didn't fail, we just dipped for that day and tomorrow is a new day, may not be a new year, but its a new day, a new day to try a bit harder to live the life you want to lead.

And what life do I want to lead this year and beyond?

Well to be happier, to smile more, to laugh more, to recognise my strengths and not compare myself to others quite so much. To be lighter and brighter, less burdened by stuff and things.  To accept that I don't have XYZ, but I do have ABC and that's good,because for some in our world, in our neighbourhoods, in our friends and families, they don't have A right the way through to Z and we never know wht life might chuck at us.

So on this dark and gloomy January 1st 2015 here in the UK I bring you this, a speck of light shining bright amidst the dark. A beacon, a talisman, a reminder to smile and be thankful for the life I do have not the life I thought I wanted or expected to have.



  1. Beautiful painting, wonderful words. Happy New Year!
    Alison x

  2. There's a definite glow from this piece, and from your words. Happy New Year x

  3. think this looks fab Jo- happy new year to you. hope your new year is bright and you don't make any promises you can't keep !

  4. I couldn't have a better more talented daughter who is a shinning light in anybody's world

  5. Wow, Jo, this is so atmospheric! Wish I could do simple and not involve the kitchen sink. Not making any demands upon myself for 2015........except, must loosen up a bit and stop worrying and comparing my crafting with's mine and that should be enough!! Onwards and upwards for us Patwits eh! Good health! Xx

  6. Happy New Year Jo, here's hoping it's a good one for all of us. I agree with every word of this post & your painting is beautiful.

  7. A window into our souls is how i see your painting Jo, i don't make promises to myself anymore as each day has it's challenges so i choose to live in the moment and just breathe.

    A fab post, inspiring words but just being is enough:-)xxx

    1. Absolutely and I need to do that much more, breathe and enjoy the present xx

  8. Wow Jo what a wonderful piece and beautiful words..and you know what you are right..time to be happy with who we are...and be happy with what we do have not what we don't. sending you a big hug and wish you a very happy new year xxxx

  9. lovely sentiments and beautiful piece, I wish you happiness, Peace and REALLY inky painted fingers.EE

  10. Love your post Jo. Acceptance of what is, and being consciously present to life's moments is what I strive towards. in your art I see bright in the light, rising from the dark. Looking at it, the bright is on the right side maybe connecting to your right creative brain? Love it xx

  11. Have just re-read properly (I must have been doing a Sam yesterday!) the last two paragraphs of your post - and agree with every word. Have a fabulous year being YOU, we love you for what and who you are. (Your Mum's words almost made me cry)


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