Monday, 12 January 2015

Fragile Papers II or how not to deface a library book!

So I had some bits and bob left over from my first fragile papers so made a second page in my art journal!

I used the date label from the book, a scrap of the handmade coloured paper, a small tag stamped with my favourite Sara Naumann journaling stamps, little bit of scrunched up Crunchy wax paper and the copyright statement from the book.  

I thought this paparagraph was quite apt as it says what you can and can't do legally with a book. I think what I've done with it could be interpreted as against copyright if you look closely at the definition!

There are even a few more bits and bobs left so I might make an ATC with the little bits still left.  

Waste not want not!


  1. I used to struggle with altering books and got over it by buying sell offs from the library that I would never have read - but sometimes I just have to read them first lol!

  2. It took me a long time to deface a book... I love this page, Jo, and your use of the terms of use blurb is just fab. mind the library police don't catch you!

  3. Beautiful journal page Jo, very apt for a Librarian! I no longer struggle to use book pages as most of the books i use are from libraries that are selling them off :-) xxx

  4. Love the quirkiness and humour in this piece Jo! Bit of anarchy in there. The librarian bites back! Xx


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