Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I admit, I'm a messy crafter

OK, I've known for quite a while that I wasn't a clean and neat crafter who looked after her tools and kept in nice and clean and orderly fashion.

Now there is public evidence of my bad habits.

I completely and utterly destroyed Leandra's brayer at Stevenage and I made a scrapbook page with the photo she took.

Picking up the colour scheme from the photo I started off paint some blue card in Turquoise and Lavender.  Added some stamping using Hotpicks Xtra 8 Days and Months 3. in Aquamarine Archival.  I took the individual stamped and put on a large stamping block some horizontal and some vertical to make a grid arrangement.

Added some stencilling with Chalk and also fave it a wash with chalk to blend the colours.   I distressed the edges and added some Brown Shed to again echo the disgusting colour mess Id made of the brayer!

I drew around the photo on the page and then added some Lake Wanaka and Chalk and then used the little text circle from Emma Godfrey's Eclectica stamps No.2 to make a scallop border in Watering Can Archival. I went round the scallops with a black pen and also around the photo once it was stuck done.

I stamped a lot of the phrases from Emma's stamps in Sienna Archival, cut the appropriate ones out, edged in Black Soot Distress Ink and stuck on the page. 

The page is clipped onto my scrap board clipboard and I'm really pleased with the concept and how it looks.

And yes it really is too funny!



  1. Brilliant post Jo, great to see the brayer that you wrecked although i am sure that it could have been saved with a lot of cleaning. Not often we see the funnier side of crafting, loving the colours you used and i do hope you hang this somewhere so it reminds you of a fun filled day. So glad you shared! :-) xxx

  2. I am so glad you could see the funny side of this, and I reckon that brayer with all it's layers would add loads of texture to some art - we did suggest it to Leandra at the time! Your page you've created looks fantastic. Love you being messy and painty, lol!

  3. I think the brayer is still in the bag of brayers. Emma borrowed 'the bag' for a class on Saturday and had a mild panic when she realised she had forgotten to clean what she needed the night before! I'm betting she didn't pick your brayer to clean! Nothing a bit of fairy power spray can't fix I'm sure! Xx

  4. This is really funny and really brilliant art too! My brayer is disgusting and it's not coming up clean with fps! What to do!

    Lucy x

  5. Ha! Ha! Brilliant post and I feel priviledged to have watched the brayer getting into that state, lol! Love the page your created around the photo to remind you of a fab day .... well it was for me at any rate ;-)

    Lesley Xx


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